These websites reflect three decades of work collecting, digitizing and sharing information and analysis that scholars, students, and the general public can access and use for free.


Abdulslist: Online Black Studies Resources, April 2024

IFÁ: Five Talks, August-September 2023

Fighting Capitalism: Four Lessons, September 2021

Ten Action Plans for Black Studies, August 2021

Year to Pull the Covers Off Imperialism (1975), June 2021

Institute for the Black World, May 2021

Global Resources about the Black Experience, April 2020

FESTAC 77: A Global Festival of Art and Culture, November 2018

Freedom Manifesto Bulletins for Black Liberation, September 2017


Malcolm X: A Research Site

Malcolm X: Radical Tradition and Legacy of Struggle (1990 Conference)

Black Liberation Theoreticians

eBlack Studies

Harold Washington

Saladin Muhammad



Black Studies Conferences:
May 2005
July 2008 [please check back]

BRAIN Black Radical Archive on the Internet


Info City Lectures

Websites built with partners in Toledo, Ohio:

Murchison Center

Black Peoples Hair conference

Community Garden

Cyber Church: For information on this site, contact