Preston Wilcox (1923-2006)

Preston was a good brother. He earned every bit of his reward by 
becoming a permanent icon of the lovers and patriots of Harlem. I knew 
Preston over more than a 40 years run of activism, beginning with our 
both being on the board of the Association of Afro-American Educators in 
the 1960's.  We stayed in touch over the years.

We both believed that Black people would be well served by studying the 
lessons of the life and legacy of Malcolm X. We continued to share 

Preston created the Malcolm X Lovers Network and shared all of the 
information he could get his hands on, mainly consisting of a detailed 
archive of paper published about Malcolm X in New York, especially 
Harlem. He preserved newspaper clippings, flyers, brochures, event 
programs, and correspondence he had with others. In this material you 
will find much information from us: Peoples College, the Brother Malcolm 
dot net website, and the work of the Toledo Spiders.

We are posting this website in three sections. Presently we have the 
contents of 45 mailings he did to me as part of his Malcolm X Lovers 
Network activities, about 250 pages of text and graphics. We also have 
a webliography of additional information and a one hour interview I did 
with Preston as well as a transcript of this interview (its a rough 
draft but real).

The second section will be the contents of a giant notebook he compiled 
of his material, over 400 pages.

The third section will be an additional collection of over 2000 pages of 
his archive.

We have little information on this giant of Harlem. This is a plea to 
people who loved this brother to put up your own website or get with us 
and we'll put your info up here with attribution.

Doesn't this brother deserve a permanent place in cyberspace? Lets do this!




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