Words by Phil Morrison
Music by Lekan(c)1992

Do you really know Malcolm? El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz
Do You really know Malcolm? El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz

Everywhere you go you see Malcolm on display
In Atlanta or Dallas, from New York to L.A.
His photos on a T-shirt, and you'll always see an "X"
But unless you know his message it's just a pretext

Do you really know Malcolm with his name on your clothe
Or is it just a fashion thing that comes & goes
Do you really know Malcolm or is his name just a word?
Same as others we've ignored like Coltrane & Bird

Do you really know Malcolm how he talked on economics?
And instead of knowin' dope we should know electronics
Do you really know Malcolm how he turned his life around
So no matter your condition, no one can keep you down!

Do you really know Malcolm, do you know his religion?
How it changed his life around when he found it in prison
Do you know what Malcolm said about drugs & alchohol?
'cause if you're messin' up you don't know him at all!

We can't forget our heroes & the people we admire...but
Do you really know Malcolm & why he was on fire?
When cities were decaying from racist neglect
Malcolm told us things we should never forget!

Like when the coffee's black, you know it's strong
And he'd tell you in a minute when you're doin' wrong
Develop your potential 'cause there's no limitation
And a good way to start is to get an education

"By any means necessary" he would say
To defend our people from the KKK!
But violence for Malcolm was not his game
His weapon of choice was using the brain

It wasn't enough just to talk that talk
Cause Malcolm wasn't jivin'..he was walkin' the walk
His message was for unity & don't depend on others
"Do for self, my sisters & brothers!"

He would tell us straight up about moral decline
It's not our culture to be dealing in crime
"Rise up my people" you would hear him say
"Respect the community, don't go astray"

Do you really know Malcolm when his movie's in style?
As if the message that he gave was only for a child
Do you really know Malcolm, how he lived his life
Using self-discipline and lots of sacrifice

Do you really know Malcom with his dignity?
When you curse your mom & grab your crotch
for all the world to see
Do you really know Malcolm, wanna further his cause?
Learn about his values . don't be breakin' the laws

He'd shake up some people 'cause what he said was no  joke
Check out his speeches & the books he wrote
But with all oppressed peoples he could surely relate
Then go up to Harvard and win a debate

The message he gave was mainly for us
We gotta help one another & that's a must
But helpin' don't come with drugs & a gun
Or gang-bangin' on a brother just for some fun

Let's remember Malcolm, keep his name on your lips
That "X" on your cap means you got to commit
If we acted like we knew what brother Malcolm said
We wouldn't kill each other..we'd unify instead

It ain't about slogans & walkin' round bad
Cause Malcolm was for real not just a fad
We gotta do him proud if we're gonna use his name
Cause some things that we're doin' would bring the brother shame

It takes a lot of heart in order to survive
If it wasn't for our spirit, we wouldn't be alive
Cause we're a noble people still strugglin' to be free
We came from kings & queens..check out our history

We should know by now there's nothing we can't do
Survival & pride has always brought us through
Just turn what you're doing in a positive direction
That's the surest way to make the Malcolm connection

Do you really know Malcom, that he was a family man
And a model for our young to be the best that they can
Do you really know Malcolm, how he traveled 'round the  world
And he cared for all people, every boy every girl

Do you really know Malcolm at the Audubon Hall?
Where he sacrificed his life to give a wakeup call
Do you really know Malcolm, why his cause was just?
Let's respect our proud brother..he respected us!

For those who hear his name & say he stood for hate
Check him out just one more time - it's still not too late
Cause Malcolm was a man of peace & justice was his goal
You'll find he wanted harmony when all the truth is told

If you're really into Malcolm, & that's what you say
Learn all about the brother, don't go halfway!
Cause learnin' all you can, no matter what you find
Is what Malcom was about....developing the mind!

This piece is dedicated to Malcolm's friend "Shorty",
who was my cousin. Shorty's real name was Malcolm Jarvis and he shared the vision of Malcolm X in their pursuit of spirituality and justice while turning  their lives around from negativity. 
He frequently spoke to young people, giving them inspiration before he died in 1998.
Phil Morrison


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Malcolm X


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