Autograph Letter Signed twice Malcolm X. Little" and "Brother Malcolm X") 2 pages quarto Norfolk MA February 15, 1950 to "Brother Raymond some creasing bisecting signature, paper darkened, otherwise fine. In this remarkable letter 'written while serving a 6-year sentence for robbery, Malcolm X tells a fellow Black Muslim that he is thankful for his time in prison because it has given him the chance to find his faith and reflect on his future. In full: In the Name of Allah the Benificent the Merciful Great God of the Universe... and in the Name of His Holy Apostle and True Servant the Honorable Prophet Elijah Mohammed / As Salaam Alaikum / My Dear Brother Raymond / I pray Allah this humble message finds you in the best of health and highest of spirits. Sister Doris X. Jones enclosed your address in her most recent letter to me and I take this opportunity to write to you my dear Brother / She told me nothing whatsoever about you not even what type of hospital you are in nor of your illness. It really doesn't matter I guess. What is important is that you are a Muslim Brother... 'Allah' has you in His Arms no matter where you are... and I pray you will constantly be in lull submission to His Mighty Will Guidance [sic] and Healing Power. I My confinement is of a different type; I'm just completing my fourth year of an 8 to 10 year term in prison ... but these four years of seclusion have proven to be the most enlightening years of my 24 years upon this earth and I feel this 'gift of Time' was Allah's reward to me as His way of saving me from the certain destruction for which I was heading. / You no doubt have much time on your hands and can realize the preciousness of Solitude. Do spend some moments in corresponding [sic] with me as I would enjoy hearing from you. Tell me all about yourself how you came to the Truth... and every thing else that you care to speak of I'm not a good writer but I love to write letters and receive them. This one is short but the rest will be more lengthy. /1 will look forward to hearing from you very soon. Tell me about the place you are in the people there and what not. Are you acquainted with Brother Reginald? (my brother) I May the Blessings of Allah be with you always; and if you are ill may you soon be healed. Do write very soon. May Allah also Bless and heal all your friends there who also believe in Hi m. I As Salaam Alaikum I Brother Malcolm X."

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