Malcolm was not a self made man, he was rejuvenated constantly from the support of his family. These letters illustrate just one of those relationships. They are in addition to the ones in my book, the Seventh Child: A Family Memoir of Malcolm X.
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This is one dated from Jan 15, 1955.

My dear Sister,
I enjoyed my chat with you Friday tremendously, and though you weren't able to come to the meeting that night, I am thankful that you were able to get Toni to come. She seemed to be very wise and down to earth and I think she understood what we were teaching and enjoyed herself. It is hard today to get people to even listen to the truth, so we are doubly thankful to get someone to listen, accept and then act accordingly to what they understand of the truth. Toni listened very attentively and if she continues to go there and get a more thorough understanding, it will change her entire life. I don't know when I'll be back in town, but I would advise you to attend those meetings as often as possible, because it opens your eyes to different things around you, your past experiences will make everything more easily understandable than it now is even to the others. YOU YET DON'T REALIZE WHAT TIME IT REALLY IS. In your spare time go there, listen to those lectures and THEN do whatever you wish.... but at least go a f ew times and listen. I can't see anyone with your brain passing anything like this up, unless you just aren't allowing yourself to look far enough ahead to see the VALUE in knowing these things. Today only the wise can survive, or attain peace of mind..... Concerning the other move you are wondering whether or not to make. Be wise. Use good judgement. Hope to see you soon.
Your brother Malcolm