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new... In many respects "The Movement" began in the early part of the century under the fiery leadership of Marcus Garvey. Many of the ideas that he championed in his speeches and writings are found in the poetry of Marcus Garvey. Perhaps reading them will give you a deeper insight into the man himself.

Go visit Ollie's History Place... One of the most insightful brothers that I've ever met is Ollie Morgan (Chicago). He is a past National President of BDPA Information Technology Thought Leaders...however, his passion is sharing an appreciation of OURstory. Take a moment to check out his website that is known as Ollie's History Place.

Much of the era known as The Movement was dominated by the words and deeds of Malcolm X. Therefore it only seems appropriate to have a reseach site dedicated to the brother. Click here to find a research site for the study of Malcolm X, the man and all aspects pertaining to the life, philosophy and influences of El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz -- Malcolm X. This site is designed to become a focus point for research, scholarship and the political development of activists in the Black Liberation Movement. Malcolm X: A Research Site has been developed in the spirit of academic excellence and social responsibility, intending to make a contribution toward preserving the tradition of radical Black politics worldwide.

el-hajj malik el-shabazz (malcolm x)button The HIS-story told in schools would be much better if we were not blacked out by whitewash. Head to this site and check out the knowledge being dropped by S.E. Suzar.

Download speeches (wav files) of Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and other "voices of the civil rights era".

Come with us to check out a cyber-gateway to information about El-Hajj Malik El-Ahabazz (aka Malcolm X).

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