(El Hajj Malik El Shabazz)


ed. by Y.N. Kly

ISBN: 0-932863-03-5, 104 pp., 1986, $9.95

Sixth printing

Now in its sixth printing, this highly popular book on the great African-American Muslim illustrates the influence of his Islamic faith and his international experience upon his constantly expanding political vision. The first to present a comprehensive analysis that integrates the developing vision of the man, Malcolm X, with the man he became, El Hajj Malik El Shabazz, it provides an in-depth analysis of Malcolm's directives on why the African-American struggle for national liberation and self-determination is necessary, how it should be carried on, and why it can succeed.

"Numerous works have been written on the life and ideals of Malcolm X by a marxist, liberal, communist, capitalist or Black Power follower which, obviously, paid scant regard to the total Islamic commitment of Malcolm X. Therefore, this contribution by a Muslim to clarify and analyze in depth the ideals of Malcolm X on the basis of the Qur'an and Sunnah is long overdue... Kly makes an excellent comparative study of Malcolm's ideological moorings in Islam... Highly recommended to any serious radical scholar..."
Jamalludien Ahmed Hamdulah, Muslim Views, South Africa

"Given the Black Americans' parochial experiences of disparate allocation of resources, Kly is acutely sensitive to the underdevelopment that, as he perceives, the America-centered capitalist system consciously inflicted upon Afro-Asian countries... Dr. Kly in 1986 still views Marxism-tinted Muslim leaders like Nasser, Ben Bella and Ahmad Sekou Toure, like the non-Muslims Nelson Mandela and Ho Chi Minh, as successful national liberation leaders who mobilized masses with techniques that matched the "imperialist" powers' sophistication. However, Kly's own careful observation of Algeria, where he taught, perhaps bears fruit in his sharp characterization of the new Islamist protest movements of the 1970s and 1980s: these have rejected not just the Western powers and rightist regimes frankly allied to them but also left-nationalist ones more guided by Marx than Islam. He projects 'reawakening Islam' as a 'third ideological force' that many in the Asian and African countries seize as a road to rapid holistic change and development."
Dr. Dennis Walker, Holiday, Bangladesh

"The Islamic force tends to act against nationalism as introduced by western European development and socialism as introduced in the development of the USSR and China. It is both anti-nationalist and anti-materialistic. All aspects of societal life are viewed as an integral part of the whole, the din, the one God. Thus all aspects of life in the state must be theoretically harmonized so as to achieve spiritual peace, happiness and total submission to the will of one God. Both the governing elite and masses are theoretically equalized by rules and principles from outside of society (the Qur'an and Sunnah)..."
from The Black Book: The Political Philosophy of Malcolm X (p.50)

"The Black Book is carefully being passed from hand to hand or from heart to heart..."

Abdulla Babayide Abdulla, Nigeria

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