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            Alexander Murray Palmer Haley, 1921-1992.

                        Papers, 1870-1991

                          120 Cubic Ft.

     Alex Haley was born in Ithaca, New York, August 11, 1921 to

Simon, a college professor, and Bertha Haley, a grammar school

teacher. He was reared on the campuses of successive land-grant

Negro colleges about the South that employed his father and with

his other relatives in Henning, Tennessee. He was the eldest of

three sons.

     Haley finished high school at 15 and entered college where

he attended for two years. In 1939 he enlisted in a three-year

stint in the Coast Guard, at the suggestion of his father, so

that he would have time to mature before graduating college. At

that time all blacks had to serve in the culinary department, so

he was enlisted as a messboy.

     Haley's stay in the Coast Guard was lengthened by the start

of World War II. He received a promotion to steward and married

Nannie Branch, whom he had met at a North Carolina port. Soon

after Pearl Harbor, he was assigned to a cargo-supply ship in the

South Pacific. Shortly after this, he was promoted from steward

to signalman and from the signal bridge he looked down upon a

Mail Call scene that led to a story by the same name that was

first printed in the ship's newsletter and after several

shipmates sent it back in letters to the states, was picked up

over a wire service and widely reprinted across the U.S.

     After this, in 1945, Haley was ordered back to the States

assigned to Third (New York) District public relations. He

continued "learning to write" while in this position and

"achieved some by-lines in tolerant military publications". 

     The year 1950 was momentous for Haley for two reasons First,

the Commandant of the Coast Guard named him their Chief

Journalist, a position created just for him. Secondly, the same

year brought his first commercial sale, a story about laughable

requests for help that the Coast Guard received called "They

Drive You Crazy" and carried by This Week magazine.

     The years that followed saw a steady increase in interest in

his articles. Coronet bought the first of 15 to 20 short human-

interest articles in 1952. In 1953 Yachting, Flying, and Reader's

Digest added their readership to his fans. In 1954 he turned his

eye toward writing articles of interest to blacks with an article

on radio stations formatted for black listeners in an article for

Harper's Magazine. Also in 1954 he wrote his first piece

recalling important family members when he wrote on Great Aunt

Liz for Atlantic Monthly.

     In 1954, he was transferred from New York to San Francisco,

still writing constantly and being published sporadically. He

finally retired in 1959, at the young age of 37, with 20 years of

service. He, his wife and their two teen-age children immediately

returned to New York for him to pursue full-time free-lance


     Haley wrote for many magazines in the 1960's, though most

prominently for Reader's Digest and Playboy. His big break came

in 1965, with the publication of The Autobiography of Malcolm X.

Malcolm X had died just a few months after the book was sent to

the presses, and the posthumous publication of his ideas was

adored by many. It was selected one of the "Ten Best American

Books of the 1960's Decade" and is still required reading in many


     Shortly after his completion of the Autobiography, he wrote

to his publishers at Doubleday about a new project that would

tell the story of his family's pioneering in West Tennessee after

the Civil War. It was meant to be a story about Henning, which

Alex saw as a good example of a place where blacks and whites

could live side-by-side without the inter-racial violence that

was showing its head at that time.

     As Haley started researching for this work, to be titled

Before This Anger, he began having more and more interest in the

genealogical aspect of his research. Each time he dove more

deeply into a specific ancestor, he would find information that

would bring not only that character alive to him, but also their

mother and father.

     Via interviews with family members, memories of stories told

by his grandmother in Henning, and travel around the United

States consulting with specialists and visiting libraries, he

determined that his Great-great-great-great grandfather was

captured from The Gambia in the mid-1760's. 

     Haley visited The Gambia in 1967, and interviewed a griot

(African elder that kept up the tradition of oral history of a

tribe) named Fofana. Fofana was of the Kinte family on his

mother's side and identified for Haley that his ancestor was

Kunta Kinte, captured by slavers in 1767.

     This was the breakthrough that turned Roots into one of the

most anticipated books of the 20th century. Haley's speaking

schedule became exhausting, Reader's Digest ran early versions of

Roots and letters came pouring into Haley and Doubleday asking

when it would be published.

     It was almost 10 years after Haley included at the end of a

letter to Doubleday concerning the Autobiography that he had a

great idea for a book to be published in 1967 that Roots finally

hit the stands in 1976. The research had carried him to three

continents and he had been able to include information that were

far beyond his early expectations. The book became a mini-series,

still considered to have been a great risk by ABC, that rocketed

to the top of the all-time Nielsen ratings and Alex Haley was now

known not only throughout the United States, but throughout the


     Haley later said "There are days that I wish it hadn't

happened."  He was an instant celebrity and instantly bombarded

with requests, awards and letters. He won a Pulitzer Prize, was

awarded numerous honorary degrees and was invited to serve on

many important committees. But with this fame, notoriety and

money came accusations of plagiarism.

     Haley was sued by three different people, claiming that he

plagiarized their work in Roots. One of these was so absurd that

it never even came to trial. The other two were more serious.

Margaret Walker-Alexander claimed that Haley had taken parts of

her book, Jubilee, for use in Roots. Harold Courlander claimed

that Haley had taken parts from his book, The African, for Roots.

     Roots had other critics and skeptics, of course, but none

could keep it from becoming the second selling book of all time,

the highest ranking TV show of all time and a start of a new

appreciation of the African heritage of blacks in America.

     Other projects sprang from Roots. These included the mini-

series Roots: The Next Generation and his television documentary

My Search for Roots. While neither of these could match his

original success, they were very serious contributions to the

fame of Alex Haley. 

     After Roots, Haley was interested in several projects. He

wrote a two-act musical that was eventually called The Way,

focusing on the inanity of inter-racial struggle. He also started

projects to be books, television series or movies, most of which

never left his research notes.

     The only other work that Haley had published was A Different

Kind of Christmas, by Doubleday in 1988. Two other books still

being worked on were Queen, a story about the other side of his

family published posthumously by Morrow in 1993, and Henning, a

story about his home town in Tennessee that is as yet


     Haley died on February 10, 1992 in Seattle, Washington while

there for a speaking engagement. After his death, the farm in

Clinton, Tennessee that he had purchased and was fixing up to be

a place where he could host symposiums and meetings was auctioned

along with the bulk of his possessions to pay for debts incurred

in the last few years of his life.

     The bulk of this collection was donated by Haley in 1991. He

had planned to be able to lead us through the organization of it,

but died before that could happen. Other parts of the collection

were purchased by the University at the above-mentioned auction

in 1992.


     This collection is separated into 7 Series, each with a

small introduction. There were some unavoidable instances when

similar papers became separated into different groups. The one of

these that most needs to be pointed out is the Trial Series. The

trial series contains some original Roots research materials that

were used as defense exhibits for the Courlander. It also

contains all correspondence between Haley and his lawyers

concerning the trial.

     The Series are as follows:

Series 1: Correspondence and Other Projects. Boxes 1-21.

Series 2: Roots, Roots II and Search for Roots. Boxes 22-38.

Series 3: Trial. Boxes 39-50.

Series 4: Palmerstown, U.S.A. Boxes 51-64.

Series 5: Audiovisual. Boxes 65-73.

Series 6: Newsclippings and Articles. Boxes 74-80.

Series 7: Oversize.

Important Notice: Patrons who wish to photocopy from the

collection listed below must first obtain permission from the

owners of the rights. Upon presentation of written permission

from Tennessee Libraries to the extent granted in the permission.

UT Libraries reserves the right to deny photocopying if the

material is too fragile or if in its judgement photocopying will

contribute significantly to the deterioration of the original

materials. Users should note that permission to photocopy does

not grant permission to publish. To photocopy from the Haley

Papers please contact Special Collections for the address of the

copyright holder.


            Correspondence and Other Projects Series

     Boxes 1-4 of this series are the Correspondence. With the

exception of correspondence involving the trials (located in

boxes 40 and 49) and correspondence involving other projects

(located with the Other Projects material), all correspondence

from the collection is located here. It is organized by subject

matter. Box 4 contains correspondence that was kept in a large

metal box that suffered major water damage at some time during

storage. The bulk of the contents are unusable, but they have all

been kept in the hopes they might be restorable in the future.

     Boxes 5-14 contain projects of Alex Haley's other than

Roots, Roots II, Search for Roots and Palmerstown. Some of these

were finished and published, others just researched and still

others never made it off of the original ideas. These include

books, articles, musicals and TV shows. Of special interest is

the musical he worked on for many years: The Way. It went through

many different names (President Nipsey, President Ritzey, etc.)

and obviously kept a lot of his time at different points in his


     Boxes 15-18 are others' manuscripts and books. Many of these

were sent to him by authors or publishers for review, but some

were just from his own library.

     Boxes 19-21 include his address books, daybooks, awards,

business cards, financial papers and other items that did not

easily fit into the other categories.


Box 1: Correspondence.

Folder 1: Air travel insurance.

Folder 2: Appearance requests.

Folder 3: Appearance requests.

Folder 4: Article requests.

Folder 5: Autograph requests.

Folder 6: Roy Campannella, Jr.

Folder 7: Cards.

Folder 8: Cards.

Folder 9: Cards.

Folder 10: Fan mail.

Folder 11: Fan mail.

Folder 12: Fan mail.

Folder 13: Fan mail.

Box 2: Correspondence.

Folder 1: Financial.

Folder 2: Form replies.

Folder 3: Gambia.

Folder 4: Gifts.

Folder 5: Guggenheim Foundation.

Folder 6: Iran.

Folder 7: Junk mail.

Folder 8: Frank Keegan.

Folder 9: Kinte Foundation.

Folder 10: Land valuations.

Folder 11: Autobiography of Malcolm X.

Folder 12: Michael McGreevey.

Folder 13: Messages and addresses.

Folder 14: Messages and addresses.

Folder 15: Messages and addresses.

Folder 16: Messages and addresses.

Folder 17: Miscellaneous.

Folder 18: Dr. Carlos Moore.

Folder 19: Morocco.

Folder 20: Morocco.

Folder 21: Museum of Appalachia.

Folder 22: Jacqueline Naipo resume and references.

Folder 23: Newsclippings forwarded.

Folder 24: New Orleans Black Heritage Festival.

Folder 25: Notes.

Folder 26: Nucleus, Inc.

Box 3: Correspondence and faxes.

Folder 1: George O'Halloran.

Folder 2: Others' genealogical information.

Folder 3: Palmerstown.

Folder 4: Personal.

Folder 5: Proposals, reports, etc.

Folder 6: Proposals, reports, etc.

Folder 7: Real Estate.

Folder 8: Requests for biographical information.

Folder 9: Requests for assistance.

Folder 10: Roots.

Folder 11: Roots.

Folder 12: Roots.

Folder 13: Francis Senghor.

Folder 14: Storage.

Folder 15: United Arab Emirates.

Folder 16: Robert Weaver.

Folder 17: Faxes, November 1989-January 1991.

Box 4: Water-damaged correspondence.

Folder 1: Water-damaged correspondence.

Folder 2: Water-damaged correspondence.

Folder 3: Water-damaged correspondence.

Folder 4: Water-damaged correspondence.

Folder 5: Water-damaged correspondence.

Folder 6: Water-damaged correspondence.

Folder 7: Water-damaged correspondence.

Folder 8: Water-damaged correspondence.

Box 5: Other Projects: African Girl.

Folder 1: African Girl, book outline.

Folder 2: African Girl, research notes.

Folder 3: African Girl, research notes.

Folder 4: African Girl, magazine photos.

Folder 5: African Girl, bibliography.

Folder 6: African Girl, published sources.

Folder 7: African Girl, extracted sources.

Folder 8: African Girl, extracted sources.

Folder 9: African Girl, extracted sources.

Folder 10: African Girl, extracted sources.

Folder 11: African Girl, extracted sources.

Box 6: Other Projects: Al-Bere.

Folder 1: Alex Haley Presents...

Folder 2: America: Going Home.

Folder 3: Art,Inc., first ideas.

Folder 4: Art,Inc., draft.

Folder 5: Art,Inc., notes.

Folder 6: Art,Inc., notes.

Folder 7: Art,Inc., notes.

Folder 8: Art,Inc., published sources.

Folder 9: Art,Inc., magazine articles.

Folder 10: Art,Inc., extracted sources.

Folder 11: Atlanta.

Folder 12: Bell Atlantic.

Folder 13: Berea.

Folder 14: Berea.

Box 7: Other Projects: Berl-Ge.

Folder 1: Berlin Conference of 1894.

Folder 2: Boys of the Wild.

Folder 3: Christmas for Grandma.

Folder 4: Bill Cosby Interview.

Folder 5: Crossword Puzzles.

Folder 6: Janice Darling.

Folder 7: The Earthling from Tennessee.

Folder 8: Epcot.

Folder 9: James Foreman Interview.

Folder 10: 'Fuskie's Folks.

Folder 11: 'Fuskie's Folks.

Folder 12: Geo Roots article.

Folder 13: Geo Roots article.

Box 8: Other Projects: Go-Le.

Folder 1: Gold Coast.

Folder 2: Gold Coast.

Folder 3: Gold Coast.

Folder 4: Gold Coast.

Folder 5: Bill Graham Interview.

Folder 6: Bill Graham Interview.

Folder 7: Home to Henning.

Folder 8: IBM Genealogy.

Folder 9: Iran Interviews.

Folder 10: Legacy of Malcolm X.

Box 9: Other Projects: Lord and Little David.

Folder 1: Lord and Little David, characters and outline.

Folder 2: Lord and Little David, draft.

Folder 3: Lord and Little David, draft.

Folder 4: Lord and Little David, correspondence and


Folder 5: Lord and Little David, notes.

Folder 6: Lord and Little David, notes.

Folder 7: Lord and Little David, news articles.

Books used for research for Lord and Little David (not in


Box 10: Other Projects: Lord and Little David.

Books used for research for Lord and Little David (not in


Box 11: Other Projects: M-Our.

Folder 1: The Man Who Wouldn't Quit.

Folder 2: The Man Who Wouldn't Quit.

Folder 3: Merging.

Folder 4: Momma Flora and Booker.

Folder 5: Museum of Appalachia.

Folder 6: Our Guy, write-ups.

Folder 7: Our Guy, correspondence.

Folder 8: Our Guy, tapes.

Folder 9: Our Guy, extracted sources.

Folder 10: Our Guy, extracted sources.

Folder 11: Our Guy, extracted sources.

Folder 12: Our Guy, extracted sources.

Folder 13: Our Guy, extracted sources.

Folder 14: Our Guy, extracted sources.

Box 12: Other Projects: Our-S.

Folder 1: Our Guy, extracted sources.

Folder 2: Our Guy, extracted sources.

Folder 3: Our Guy, extracted sources.

Folder 4: Our Guy, extracted sources.

Folder 5: Parade articles.

Folder 6: Parade articles.

Folder 7: Pete's Home.

Folder 8: Preacher.

Folder 9: Readers Digest Articles.

Folder 10: Rediscover America, 1492-1992.

Folder 11: Reds.

Folder 12: Leonardo Santorelli Story.

Box 13: Other Projects: T-Way.

Folder 1: Treemonisha Introduction.

Folder 2: Sojourner Truth Story.

Folder 3: The Way, untitled script.

Folder 4: The Way, untitled script.

Folder 5: The Way, untitled script.

Folder 6: The Way, untitled script.

Folder 7: The Way, President Nipsey.

Folder 8: The Way, President Nipsey.

Folder 9: The Way, President Ritzey.

Folder 10: The Way, President Ritzey.

Box 14: Other Projects: Way-Z.

Folder 1: The Way, President Ritzey.

Folder 2: The Way.

Folder 3: The Way.

Folder 4: The Way.

Folder 5: The Way, revisions.

Folder 6: The Way, revisions.

Folder 7: The Way, revisions.

Folder 8: The Way, revisions.

Folder 9: The Way, notes.

Folder 10: The Way, correspondence.

Folder 11: Where is my Child?

Box 15: Others' manuscripts: A-Sc.

Folder 1: Campion, Clifford. The Marva Collins Story.

Folder 2: Cheuse, Alan. Fall Out of Heaven.

Folder 3: Colter, Cyrus. Night Studies.

Folder 4: Columbus School, Berkeley, California. Our Roots.

Folder 5: Cumbuka, Ji-Tu. Slim Sunday.

Folder 6: Eliot, Marge. Untitled.

Folder 7: Eure, Charlotte. For Crying Out Loud.

Folder 8: Gumbs, Robert. African Roots on American Soil.

Folder 9: Hatch, Olivia Stokes. Olivia's African Diary.

Folder 10: Jakobson, Max. The Image of Finland.

Folder 11: Johnson, Charles. Oxherding Tale.

Folder 12: Keegan, Frank. The Guyana Nobody Knows.

Folder 13: Laurence, Ken and Arnold Irwin. Living Poor.

Folder 14: LeBlanc, Whitney. Relief.

Folder 15: Lomar. When the Word is Given.

Folder 16: Mitchell, E.G. Waitin' for Rain.

Folder 17: Rossi, Alfred. Henning, Tenn.

Folder 18: Schreiber, Mona. Mazel Tov and Chitlins.

Box 16: Others' manuscripts: Sh-Z; books: B-F.

Folder 1: Shick, Tom. Social and Economic History of Afro-

          American Settlers in Liberia, 1820-1900.

Folder 2: Shine, Ted. Baker's Dream.

Folder 3: Sims, Adel. Sewing Machine.

Folder 4: Stafford, Linley. Untitled.

Folder 5: Sun, Shirley. Stilwell in China.

Folder 6: Tekle, Yafet. Bikila: The Barefoot Champion.

Folder 7: Weiser, Stanley. Mississippi Summer.

Folder 8: Weiser, Stanley. Mississippi Summer.

Folder 9: Mermaid Tears and Magic Stones.

Folder 10: Garden of Eden.

Folder 11: Ballard, Allen. One More Day's Journey.

Folder 12: Bible. Reader's Digest Bible: A Sampler.

Folder 13: Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints. Family

           Home Evening.

Folder 14: Delaney, Joseph. Thirty-Six Years Exhibiting in       

           Washington Square Outdoor Art Show.

Folder 15: Fletcher, William. Talking Your Roots.

Folder 16: Fulton, Alvenia. The Fasting Primer.

Folder 17: Fulton, Alvenia. Radiant Health Through Nutrition.

Folder 18: Fulton, Alvenia. Vegetarianism: Fact or Fiction?

Box 17: Others' books: G-New N.

Folder 1: Gammond, Peter. Scott Joplin and the Ragtime Era.

Folder 2: Gittelson, Bernard. How to Make Your Own Luck.

Folder 3: Graham, Billy. Run Baby Run.

Folder 4: Harrop, David. Paychecks: Who Makes What?

Folder 5: Harrell, David. White Sects and Black Men in the Recent


Folder 6: Johnson-Redd, Larry. The Black Expatriate in Africa.

Folder 7: Jones, Vincent L. Genealogical Research: A

          Jurisdictional Approach.

Folder 8: Krishnamurti, J. Meditations.

Folder 9: Lanker, Brian. I Dream a World.

Folder 10: Laurents, Arthur. West Side Story.

Folder 11: Leon, Vicki. Uppity Women in Ancient Greece.

Folder 12: McNaughton, Patrick. Iron-art of the blacksmith in the

           Western Sahara.

Folder 13: Moore, John. Uncle Wash.

Folder 14: New National Baptist Hymnal.

Box 18: Others' books: New Y-Z.

Folder 1: New York City WPA Art.

Folder 2: Nizer, Louis. Reflections Without Mirrors.

Folder 3: Nutt, Grady. Family Tree.

Folder 4: Ondaatje, Michael. Running in the Family.

Folder 5: Patterson, Lucille. Moon in Black.

Folder 6: Patterson, Lucille. Daughter of the Hawk.

Folder 7: Patterson, Lucille. Raindrops and Mud Puddles.

Folder 8: Patterson, Lucille. Sapphire.

Folder 9: Patterson, Orlando. The African Experience.

Folder 10: Readers' Digest's Families.

Folder 11: Samuel-Hool, Leonne. To All My Grandchildren: Lessons

           in Indonesian Cooking.

Folder 12: Senna, Carl. Cliff's notes on Alice in Wonderland.

Folder 13: Stafford, Linley. One Man's Family.

Folder 14: Stein, Sol. The Resort.

Folder 15: Stern, Ellen. Best Bets.

Folder 16: Tucker, Susan. Telling Memories among Southern Women.

Folder 17: Verney, Peter. The Earthquake Handbook.

Folder 18: Zobarskas, Stepas. Manyland Presents Their Best.

Box 19: Miscellaneous.

Folder 1: Address books.

Folder 2: Address and phone number lists.

Folder 3: African masks.

Folder 4: Alcorn buttons.

Folder 5: Awards.

Folder 6: Awards.

Folder 7: James Baldwin's America proposal.

Folder 8: Biographical information.

Folder 9: Black Family Reunion Celebration.

Folder 10: Bumper stickers.

Folder 11: Daybooks and calendars.

Folder 12: Daybooks and calendars.

Folder 13: Daybooks and calendars.

Box 20: Miscellaneous.

Folder 1: Extracted sources on non-verbal folklore.

Folder 2: Extracted sources on TV Writing.

Folder 3: Extracted sources on TV Writing.

Folder 4: Extracted sources on village life.

Folder 5: Extracted sources on African-American genealogy.

Folder 6: Firearms permit.

Folder 7: Foreign currency.

Folder 8: Functions of the Producer and the Making of Feature


Folder 9: The Gambia...in brief.

Folder 10: Handprint.

Folder 11: Henning, Tenn. account books.

Folder 12: IBM privacy policy.

Folder 13: New Age Skin Concepts.

Folder 14: North Carolina information.

Folder 15: Nutrition information.

Folder 16: Other.

Folder 17: Personal and business cards.

Folder 18: Plans for Juffure mosque.

Folder 19: Postcards (souvenir).

Folder 20: Programs.

Folder 21: Reader's Digest Worldwide Editorial Conference.

Folder 22: Address cards from Rolodex.

Folder 23: That They May Be Redeemed.

Folder 24: University of Mississippi Center for the Study of

           Foreign Culture.

Folder 25: Visit to Israel.

Folder 26: David L. Wolper.

Box 21: Financial papers.

Folder 1: Bills.

Folder 2: Checkbooks and stubs.

Folder 3: Credit and membership cards.

Folder 4: International driving permit.

Folder 5: Plane tickets and car rentals.

Folder 6: Speech Contracts.

Folder 7: Speech contracts.

Folder 8: Speech contracts.

Folder 9: Speech contracts.

Folder 10: Speech contracts.

Folder 11: Speech contracts.

Folder 12: Speech contracts.

Folder 13: Speech contracts.

                          Roots Series

     This series is the most important of the collection. It

should be pointed out, however, that there are also materials in

the Trial and Audiovisual series that should be consulted. The

Trial series has any material used in his research that was also

used as defense exhibits in the trial (most specifically his

journals). The Audiovisual series has cassette tapes on which he

dictates Roots for his secretary to transcribe into the

manuscripts in this collection. Also it contains his photographs

taken while researching in Africa.

     The first six boxes of this contain several manuscript

versions of Roots. In some cases there is an entire version, in

others only a chapter or two. These end in the two copies of the

Galley Proofs for the book.

     Following this are two boxes of research notes and source

listings, including early drafts for the Readers' Digest articles

done while Haley was still researching and writing Roots.

     Box 9 contains research files which, like those in the

Palmerstown series, are arranged in the fashion that Haley

arranged them.

     The next two boxes contain some originals and many

photocopies from books and magazine articles on African and

African-American history. These are sources that he used to get a

good feel for the historical interpretations of many of the facts

and myths that are now felt about the time periods. It was a

liberal use of these types of sources that brought about the

plagiarism charges that are dealt with in the Trial series.

     Box 12 deals with the Search for Roots, an aborted book that

was to have told of how he found his genealogical information in

Roots. There are drafts or notes of 10 chapters, the last being

the Roots trials. There is also an unpublished chapter that was

to be published in the work.

     The final three boxes deal with Roots II, or Roots: The Next

Generation(s). This was never a written book, just done for

television based upon Haley's memories and research, most of

which are transcribed from tapes in the collection. There were 7

shows in the series. At the end of these are research files

similar to the ones found earlier in this series concerning


Box 22: Manuscripts

Folder 1: Draft acknowledgments and dedications.

Folder 2: "Critiques-Roots"

Folder 3: "Roots galleys due 4/16 - finished"- p.1-299; Ch.1-47.

Folder 4: "Roots galleys due 4/16 - finished"- p.300-599; Ch. 48-


Folder 5: "Roots galleys due 4/16 - finished"- p.600-885; Ch. 90-


Folder 6: "Finished-Near Finished Manuscript"- p.i-214;

          Dedication-Ch. 36.

Folder 7: "Finished-Near Finished Manuscript"- p.215-468; Ch. 37-


Folder 8: "Finished-Near Finished Manuscript"- p.469-679; Ch. 73-


Folder 9: "Finished-Near Finished Manuscript"- p.680-885; Ch. 99-


Folder 10: "Finished-Near Finished Manuscript"- p.1-179; Ch. 1-


Folder 11: "Finished-Near Finished Manuscript"- p.180-309; Ch.


Folder 12: "Finished-Near Finished Manuscript"- p.469-543; Ch.


Folder 13: "Finished-Near Finished Manuscript"- p.469-701; Ch.


Folder 14: "Finished-Near Finished Manuscript"- p.702-885; Ch.


Box 23: Manuscripts

Folder 1: "Finished-Near Finished Manuscript"- p.469-706; Ch. 73-


Folder 2: "Finished-Near Finished Manuscript"- p.550-587; Ch. 81-


Folder 3: "Finished-Near Finished Manuscript"- p.589-731; Ch. 84-


Folder 4: "Finished-Near Finished Manuscript"- Chapter 9 (2


Folder 5: "Finished-Near Finished Manuscript"- Chapter 6, p.1-95.

Folder 6: "Finished-Near Finished Manuscript"- Chapter 7, p.1-


Folder 7: "Drafts-Chicken George, Tom, The Blacksmith, Etc."

Folder 8: "Drafts-Chicken George, Tom, The Blacksmith, Etc."

Folder 9: "Drafts-Chicken George, Tom, The Blacksmith, Etc."

Folder 10: "Drafts-Chicken George, Tom, The Blacksmith, Etc."

Folder 11: "Notes for White Copy"

Folder 12: "Draft-Early White Copy"

Folder 13: "Draft-Early White Copy"

Folder 14: "Draft-Early White Copy"

Folder 15: "Draft-Early White Copy"

Folder 16: "Draft-White Copy"

Folder 17: "Draft-White Copy"

Folder 18: "Draft-White Copy"

Folder 19: "White Copy"

Box 24: Manuscripts

Folder 1: "Draft-Orange Copy"

Folder 2: "Draft-Orange Copy"

Folder 3: "Draft-Orange Copy"

Folder 4: "Orange Copy-1788-1789"

Folder 5: "Orange Copy-1794"

Folder 6: "Orange Copy-1795"

Folder 7: "Orange Copy-1796"

Folder 8: "Orange Copy-1801"

Folder 9: "Orange Copy-1802"

Folder 10: "Orange Copy-1803"

Folder 11: "Orange Copy-1806"

Folder 12: "Draft-Yellow Copy"

Folder 13: "Draft-Yellow Copy"

Folder 14: "Draft-Yellow Copy"

Folder 15: Untitled folder.

Folder 16: Untitled folder.

Folder 17: Untitled folder.

Folder 18: Untitled folder.

Folder 19: Untitled folder.

Folder 20: Untitled folder.

Folder 21: Untitled folder.

Folder 22: Untitled folder.

Folder 23: Untitled folder.

Folder 24: Untitled folder.

Folder 25: Untitled folder.

Folder 26: Untitled folder.

Folder 27: Untitled folder.

Folder 28: Untitled folder.

Box 25: Manuscripts

Folder 1: "Working drafts through Section 31-Ends Section One"

Folder 2: "Edited and final typed copy"

Folder 3: "December 1970 Working Materials"

Folder 4: "Fisher-edited copy"

Folder 5: "Semi-ready copy sent to Fisher for editing"

Folder 6: Draft of 1793-1805.

Folder 7: Draft pages 344-807.

Folder 8: Draft pages 1-344, photocopied from Paul Reynolds'


Folder 9: Draft pages 1-309 Section One.

Box 26: Manuscripts

Folder 1: Drafts-1969.

Folder 2: Drafts-February, 1970.

Folder 3: Drafts-February, 1970.

Folder 4: Drafts-July, 1970.

Folder 5: Drafts-July, 1970.

Folder 6: Drafts-August, 1970.

Folder 7: Drafts-September, 1970.

Folder 8: Drafts-October, 1970.

Folder 9: Drafts-December, 1970.

Folder 10: Drafts-January, 1971.

Folder 11: Drafts-1972.

Folder 12: Drafts-January, 1973.

Folder 13: Drafts-September, 1973.

Folder 14: Drafts-October-December, 1973.

Folder 15: Drafts-August, 1974.

Folder 16: Drafts-September-October, 1974.

Folder 17: Drafts-1975.

Box 27: Manuscripts

Folder 1: Drafts-Chapters 1792-1799.

Folder 2: Drafts-Chapters 1802-1805.

Folder 3: Drafts-Chapters 1806.

Folder 4: Drafts-Chapters 1819-1820.

Folder 5: Drafts-Chapter 8.

Folder 6: Drafts-Chapter 9.

Folder 7: Drafts-Chapters 19,27-31.

Folder 8: Drafts-Chapter 86.

Folder 9: Drafts-Chapter 93.

Folder 10: Drafts-Chapters 102-105.

Folder 11: Miscellaneous, undated draft pages and sections.

Folder 12: Miscellaneous, undated draft pages and sections.

Folder 13: Miscellaneous, undated draft pages and sections.

Roots galley proofs (2 copies).

Box 28: Notes and sources

Folder 1: Recent genealogy.

Folder 2: Haley biographical notes and notes concerning writing


Folder 3: "Notes-background"

Folder 4: Research notes.

Folder 5: Research notes.

Folder 6: Research notes.

Folder 7: Revisions and notes about specific pages.

Folder 8: Research notes, separated by events.

Folder 9: Hand and typewritten note cards and slips.

Folder 10: Lists of research material used.

Folder 11: General historical notes.

Folder 12: Civil War material.

Folder 13: Civil War material.

Folder 14: North Carolina: history, slavery, Alamance County.

Folder 15: Lord Ligonier ship.

Folder 16: Slavery.

Box 29: Notes and sources.

Folder 1: Gambia.

Folder 2: Cock-fighting.

Folder 3: Waller material.

Folder 4: Waller family tree.

Folder 5: Murray family and plantation.

Folder 6: Founding of company shops.

Folder 7: Samson Inst. of Heraldry-Haley Coat-of-arms.

Folder 8: Oral history newsclippings.

Folder 9: Map of The Downs.

Folder 10: Map of Spotsylvania County, Virginia, 1820?

Folder 11: Shipping records.

Folder 12: Advertisement-Lord Ligonier-Maryland Gazette, Oct. 1,


Folder 13: Confederate war record of Eli Murray.

Folder 14: Inventory of the estate of George Johnson of          

           Lauderdale County, Tennessee, November 6, 1911.

Folder 15: Blown-up photograph of record of ships and cargoes

           entering Virginia ports, 1766.

Folder 16: Maryland Gazette, October 1, 1767.

Folder 17: Stanford Coloured Charts for Coastal Navigators-

           English Channel and Southern North Sea.

Folder 18: Map of Alamance County, North Carolina.

Folder 19: Manuscript research material (photocopies).

Folder 20: Manuscript research material (photocopies).

Folder 21: Manuscript research material (photocopies).

Folder 22: Steno-pad: "Before this anger"

Folder 23: Steno-pad: "Book Outline: Parts 1&2"

Folder 24: Biographical information from Dr. Jan Vansina.

Folder 25: Criticisms and suggestions from Fisher, Ousler and


Folder 26: Drafts of Readers' Digest articles

Folder 27: Advance proofs of Readers' Digest article by Haley.

Folder 28: Advance galleys- New York Times article by Haley.

Folder 29: Roots bibliography and list of books and manuscripts


Folder 30: Awards for Roots.

Folder 31: Roots chronologies.

Folder 32: Chronology of Juffure experience for speech.

Folder 33: "Working Calendar-Roots"

Folder 34: "Working Calendar-Roots"

Folder 35: "Roots Outline"

Folder 36: "Advance Publicity"

Folder 37: Information on Libraries.

Folder 38: Gambian and other African materials.

Box 30: Roots-related materials and scripts.

Folder 1: Proposal with important Roots correspondence.

Folder 2: Schedule notes, November, 1976- January, 1977.

Folder 3: Haley's schedule promoting Roots, September 21-October

          29, 1976.

Folder 4: Roots promotional material.

Folder 5: Roots staff and crew list.

Folder 6: Roots information packet from ABC.

Folder 7: List of magazines with Roots ads.

Folder 8: Advertisement for Warner Bros. record "Alex Haley tells

          the Story of his Search for Roots".

Folder 9: Book-jackets of foreign language edition of Roots.

Folder 10: Card sent by ABC Public Relations with autographed

           copy of Roots.

Folder 11: List of Roots foreign agents and publishers.

Folder 12: Brochure on Roots course at Miami-Dade Community


Folder 13: Worksheets for mini-course on Roots at University of


Folder 14: Receipt for dictating machine.

Folder 15: Ticket, Testimonial and Book party in honor of Alex

           Haley, December 4, 1976.

Folder 16: Notes on storage of Roots research.

Folder 17: Taping schedules, January 21, 1897, Roots Reunion.

Folder 18: Transcript of long lecture on Roots.

Folder 19: Roots, Young Reader's Edition, adapted by Stephanie


Folder 20: Roots teaching unit, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

           School No. 9, Rochester, New York.

Folder 21: Roots poems by students in Room C-4.

Folder 22: Program for Langston University presents Alex Haley.

Folder 23: Shooting Schedules.

Folder 24: Papers collected in defense of criticisms of Roots.

Folder 25: Roots, 1st edition.

Folder 26: Roots, Show 1, Outline for Teleplay, February 4, 1975.

Folder 27: Roots, Show 1, Teleplay.

Folder 28: Roots, Show 1, April 16, 1976.

Folder 29: Roots, Show 1, As Telecast (3 copies).

Folder 30: Roots, Show 2, Progression, May 12, 1975.

Folder 31: Roots, Show 2, July 3, 1975 (2 copies).

Folder 32: Roots, Show 2, May 28, 1976.

Folder 33: Roots, Show 3, Progression, May 13, 1975.

Folder 34: Roots, Show 3, July 23, 1975.

Folder 35: Roots, Show 4, Teleplay/Outline, July 1, 1975.

Folder 36: Roots, Show 5, July 6, 1976.

Box 31: Research Files (these are organized in the fashion that

          Haley organized them. There is one folder per


Section 1: Reconstruction Years materials index.

Folder 1A: Reconstruction Years research materials index.

Folder 1B1: Year-by-Year calendar of major events, 1868-1878.

Folder 1B2: Year-by-Year calendar of major events, 1879-1900.

Folder 1B3: Year-by-Year calendar of major events, 1901-1949.

Folder 1B4: Year-by-Year calendar of major events, 1950-197 .

Section 2: Tom Murray, Blacksmith.

Folder 2A: Tom Murray, Blacksmith.

Folder 2B: Clothing--men (empty).

Folder 2C: Tom intends to build a blacksmith shop.

Folder 2D: The wagon: a rolling blacksmith shop.

Folder 2E: Blacksmithing equipment.

Folder 2F: Blacksmithing recipes for care and maintenance of


Folder 2G: Blacksmithing craft: products for home and community.

Folder 2H: Blacksmithing craft: horseshoeing.

Folder 2I: Tom Murray gets a stationary blacksmithing shop.

Folder 2J: The blacksmith shop.

Folder 2K: Broommaking.

Section 3: Dr. Tom Henning, town founder.

Folder 3A: Dr. Tom Henning.

Section 4: Irene Murray, weaver, seamstress.

Folder 4A: Irene Murray, weaver, seamstress.

Folder 4B: Clothing--women.

Folder 4C: Weaving.

Folder 4D: Making a spinning wheel.

Folder 4E: Dyeing cloth from plants.

Folder 4F: Household recipes.

Folder 4G: Gourds--dishes, dippers, bowls.

Section 5: Cynthia Murray (Grandma as a girl).

Folder 5A: Cynthia Murray (Grandma as a girl).

Folder 5B: Clothing--girls.

Folder 5C: Children's chores.

Folder 5D: Proverbs, games, riddles.

Folder 5E: What we had to read.

Section 6: Other Murray children.

Folder 6A: Other Murray children.

Section 7: Chicken George.

Folder 7A: Chicken George (empty).

Folder 7B: Laughing at the white man.

Folder 7C: Fort Pillow.

Section 8: Matilda Lea, family matriarch.

Folder 8A: Matilda Lea, family matriarch.

Folder 8B: Clothing--older women.

Folder 8C: Washing clothes in an iron pot.

Folder 8D: Soap making.

Folder 8E: Cooking on a fireplace, building and maintaining a

           fire in hearth.

Folder 8F: Food and recipes.

Folder 8G: Making butter.

Folder 8H: Farm: garden.

Folder 8I: Preserving fruits and vegetables.

Folder 8J: Teas and spring tonics.

Folder 8K: Midwives, Granny women, childbirth, nursing, etc.

Folder 8L: Folk medicine.

Section 9: The Ol' George Johnson's.

Folder 9A: The Ol' George Johnson's.

Section 10: Henning, Tennessee.

Folder 10A: Henning, Tennessee.

Section 11: Rural life (1).

Folder 11A: Rural life.

Folder 11B: A rural community.

Folder 11C: Sharecropping.

Folder 11D: The farm house.

Folder 11E: Farm: yard and outbuildings.

Folder 11F: Wood-types and uses.

Folder 11G: Farm: foods.

Folder 11H: Farm: crops.

Folder 11I: Animal care.

Section 12: Rural life (2).

Folder 12A: Grooming, cosmetics (and some remedies).

Folder 12B: Farm: farm people.

Folder 12C: Having church.

Folder 12D: Funerals-burial customs.

Folder 12E: Folklore, superstitions, beliefs and practices.

Folder 12F: Getting schooling.

Folder 12G: Recreation and entertainment.

Folder 12H: Holidays.

Folder 12I: Anecdotal history.

Section 13: Lauderdale County, Tennessee.

Folder 13A: Lauderdale County.

Section 14: West Tennessee.

Folder 14A: West Tennessee: physical characteristics and          


Folder 14B: West Tennessee: writers and writings of West          


Section 15: Tennessee.

Folder 15A: Tennessee state: resources.

Section 16: Tennessee: black reconstruction.

Folder 16A: Tennessee state: blacks in politics.

Folder 16B: Tennessee state: blacks in politics.

Folder 16C: Tennessee state: Freedmen's Bureau.

Folder 16D: Tennessee state: the negro at work.

Folder 16E: Tennessee state: economic progress.

Folder 16F: Tennessee state: education.

Folder 16G: Tennessee state: Fisk University.

Folder 16H: Tennessee state: Fisk Jubilee Singers.

Folder 16I: Tennessee state: social life and recreation.

Folder 16J: Tennessee state: religious efforts of blacks.

Folder 16K: Tennessee state: the black press.

Section 17: Tennessee: black emigration movement.

Folder 17A: Tennessee state: negro emigration movement.

Folder 17B: Black cowboys.

Section 18: Tennessee: black reconstruction at end.

Folder 18A: Tennessee state: reconstruction at end.

Section 19: Tennessee state: reconstruction.

Folder 19A: Tennessee state: reconstruction overview and          

            anecdotal history.

Section 20: Tennessee state: reconstruction-politics.

Folder 20A: Tennessee state: reconstruction-politics.

Folder 20B: Tennessee state: Tennessee politics (1866) (Restored

            to Union).

Folder 20C: Tennessee state: Negro suffrage 1867.

Folder 20D: Tennessee state: impeachment of Andrew Johnson, 1867.

Folder 20E: Tennessee state: radicals and the railroads.

Folder 20F: Tennessee state: politics and downfall of the        


Section 21: Tennessee state: reconstruction Ku Klux Klan.

Folder 21A: Tennessee state: Ku Klux Klan.

Section 22: Tennessee state reconstruction industrial        


Folder 22A: Tennessee state: political and industrial       

            development, 1871-early 1900's.

Section 23: Tennessee state reconstruction: post-reconstruction


Folder 23A: Tennessee state: post-war recovery.

Folder 23B: Tennessee state: politics and state debt.

Folder 23C: Tennessee state: negroes entering politics.

Folder 23D: Tennessee state: industry and agriculture.

Folder 23E: Tennessee state: immigration.

Folder 23F: Tennessee state: Bio-Senator D.M.Key.

Section 24: Reconstruction National-yearly overview.

Folder 24A: Reconstruction National-yearly overview.

Section 25: Reconstruction National-national overview.

Folder 25A: Reconstruction National-overview.

Section 26: Reconstruction National-Freedmen's Bureau.

Folder 26A: Freedmen's Bureau.

Section 27: Reconstruction National-northern school teachers.

Folder 27A: The northern school teacher.

Section 28: Reconstruction National-black codes.

Folder 28A: Black codes.

Section 29: Reconstruction National-"Jim Crow".

Folder 29A: "Jim Crow"

Section 30: Reconstruction National-14th and 15th Amendments.

Folder 30A: 14th and 15th Amendments.

Section 31: Reconstruction National-Loyal League.

Folder 31A: The Loyal League.

Section 32: Carpetbaggers.

Folder 32A: Carpetbaggers.

Section 33: Black suffrage.

Folder 33A: Black suffrage (empty).

Section 34: Fruits of the ballot.

Folder 34A: Fruits of the ballot.

Section 35: Negroes in Congress.

Folder 35A: Negroes in Congress.

Section 36: Reconstruction National-race question.

Folder 36A: Southern white reaction.

Folder 36B: The mulatto problem.

Section 37: Reconstruction National-Counter Reconstruction.

Folder 37A: Ku Klux Klan.

Folder 37B: Counter Reconstruction.

Folder 37C: Race riots.

Section 38: Reconstruction National-economic overview.

Folder 38A: Economic overview.

Folder 38B: Election of 1876.

Section 39: Reconstruction National-Reconstruction ends.

Folder 39A: Reconstruction ends.

Folder 39B: Employment, wages, labor unions.

Section 40: Reconstruction National-black notables.

Folder 40A: Black notables.

Folder 40B: Frederick Douglass.

Box 32: Extracted sources.

Folder 1: Pamphlets and photocopies on Oral History, Genealogy

          and special libraries.

Folder 2: Pamphlets and photocopies on Oral History, Genealogy

          and special libraries.

Folder 3: Pamphlets and photocopies on Oral History, Genealogy

          and special libraries.

Folder 4: Photocopies from books and magazine articles chiefly on

          African and African-American history.

Folder 5: Photocopies from books and magazine articles chiefly on

          African and African-American history.

Folder 6: Photocopies from books and magazine articles chiefly on

          African and African-American history.

Folder 7: Photocopies from books and magazine articles chiefly on

          African and African-American history.

Folder 8: Photocopies from books and magazine articles chiefly on

          African and African-American history.

Folder 9: Photocopies from books and magazine articles chiefly on

          African and African-American history.

Folder 10: Photocopies from books and magazine articles chiefly

           on African and African-American history.

Folder 11: Photocopies from books and magazine articles chiefly

           on African and African-American history.

Folder 12: Photocopies from books and magazine articles chiefly

           on African and African-American history.

Folder 13: Photocopies from books and magazine articles chiefly

           on African and African-American history.

Folder 14: Photocopies from books and magazine articles chiefly

           on African and African-American history.

Box 33: Extracted Sources and Prints made for Roots research.

Folder 1: Photocopies from books and magazine articles chiefly on

          African and African-American history.

Folder 2: Photocopies from books and magazine articles chiefly on

          African and African-American history.

Folder 3: Photocopies from books and magazine articles chiefly on

          African and African-American history.

Folder 4: Photocopies from books and magazine articles chiefly on

          African and African-American history.

Folder 5: Prints made for Roots research.

Folder 6: Prints made for Roots research.

Folder 7: Prints made for Roots research.

Folder 8: Prints made for Roots research.

Folder 9: Prints made for Roots research.

Folder 10: Prints made for Roots research.

Box 34: Search for Roots notes and manuscript chapters (with the

exception of the last folder, these are the folder designations

and contents Haley used).

Folder 1: Introductory notes.

Folder 2: Chapter 1, Draft 1, December 20, 1978.

Folder 3: Chapter 1, Draft 2, January 18, 1979.

Folder 4: Chapter 1, Draft 3.

Folder 5: Chapter 1, Notes, National Archives.

Folder 6: Chapter 1, Notes, Rosetta Stone.

Folder 7: Chapter 1, Notes, Cousin George.

Folder 8: Chapter 2, Draft 3, January 23, 1979.

Folder 9: Chapter 2, Notes, Alex's feelings while researching


Folder 10: Chapter 2, Notes, Ebou Manga. 

Folder 11: Chapter 2, Notes, Reader's Digest at Chappaqua.

Folder 12: Chapter 2, Notes, United Nations.

Folder 13: Chapter 2, Notes, Doubleday Luncheon.

Folder 14: Chapter 3, Draft 1.

Folder 15: Chapter 3, Draft 2.

Folder 16: Chapter 3, Notes, First trip to Africa-leaving        

           thoughts on flight.

Folder 17: Chapter 3, Notes, First trip to Africa-up to Istanbul.

Folder 18: Chapter 3, Notes, Meeting Papa N'jic.

Folder 19: Chapter 3, Notes, Meeting Ebou Manga.

Folder 20: Chapter 3, Notes, Bathurst Committee-The Haley        


Folder 21: Chapter 3, Notes, Meeting Dr. Mahoney.

Folder 22: Chapter 3, Notes, Returning to New York.

Folder 23: Chapter 4, Draft 1.

Folder 24: Chapter 4, Draft 3.

Folder 25: Chapter 4, Notes, Introduce George Sims.

Folder 26: Chapter 4, Notes, The push to learn about Africa.

Folder 27: Chapter 4, Notes, The nature of the materials.

Folder 28: Chapter 4, Notes, Research at Archives, LC, DAR, Va.

Folder 29: Chapter 4, Notes, Last visit to Cousin George.

Folder 30: Chapter 4, Notes, Come to Africa-The Haley Committee.

Folder 31: Chapter 4, Notes, Cousin George Anecdotes Re: Chicken


Folder 32: Chapter 5, Draft 1.

Folder 33: Chapter 5, Draft 3.

Folder 34: Chapter 5, Notes, First trip to Juffure.

Folder 35: Chapter 5, Notes, Second arrival.

Folder 36: Chapter 5, Notes, Drive to the Gambia.

Folder 37: Chapter 5, Notes, James Island.

Folder 38: Chapter 5, Notes, The Safari.

Folder 39: Chapter 5, Notes, Goree-House of Slaves.

Folder 40: Chapter 5, Notes, Cousin George's death.

Folder 41: Chapter 5, Notes, Fofana.

Folder 42: Chapter 6, Draft.

Folder 43: Chapter 6, Bibliographic Notes.

Folder 44: Chapter 7, Draft.

Folder 45: Chapter 7, Notes, Plantation materials.

Folder 46: Chapter 8, Draft.

Folder 47: Chapter 8, Insert, Unpublished chapter from Roots.

Folder 48: Chapter 10, Notes, The trials of Roots.

Folder 49: Appendix A.

Folder 50: Notes.

Folder 51: Find the Ship, 1.

Folder 52: Ship Reconstructed, 2.

Folder 53: Letter from Vansina.

Folder 54: Transcript of Tape K.

Folder 55: Miscellaneous loose notes and chapter pages.

Box 35: Roots II Synopses and Scripts.

Folder 1: Step sheet for theatrical feature by Walter Doniger,

          October 21, 1977.

Folder 2: Synopsis, Show 1, "The Redeemers", First draft, October

          19, 1977 (2 copies).

Folder 3: Synopsis, Show 2, "The Bloody Shirt", First draft,

          October 19, 1977 (2 copies).

Folder 4: Synopsis, Show 3, "Of the Sons of Master and Man",

          First draft, November 4, 1977 (2 copies).

Folder 5: Synopsis, Show 4, "...Over There!", First draft,

          November 4, 1977 (2 copies).

Folder 6: Synopsis, Show 5, "Hard Times", First draft, November

          4, 1977 (2 copies).

Folder 7: Synopsis, Show 6, March 7, 1978.

Folder 8: Synopsis, Show 7, March 7, 1978.

Folder 9: Synopsis, Show 1, "The Redeemers", First draft, October

          19, 1977 (2 copies).

Folder 10: Synopsis, Show 2, "The Brothers", First draft, October

           19, 1977 (2 copies).

Folder 11: Synopsis, Show 3, "The Bloody Shirt", First draft,

           October 19, 1977 (2 copies).

Folder 12: Synopsis, Show 4, "Of the Sons of Master and Man",

           First draft, November 4, 1977.

Folder 13: Synopsis, Show 5, "...Over There!", First draft,

           November 4, 1977.

Folder 14: Synopsis, Show 6, "Hard Times", First draft, November

           4, 1977 (2 copies).

Folder 15: Synopsis, Show 7, "The Search", First draft, November

           4, 1977.

Folder 16: Script, Show 1, Final draft, April 10, 1978 (2        


Folder 17: Script, Show 2, Final draft, May 2, 1978 (2 copies).

Folder 18: Script, Show 3, First draft, May 8, 1978.

Folder 19: Script, Show 3, Final draft, May 22, 1978.

Box 36: Roots II scripts.

Folder 1: Script, Show 4, Second draft, July 10, 1978 (2         


Folder 2: Script, Show 4, Final draft, July 25, 1978 (2 copies).

Folder 3: Script, Show 5, First draft, May 3, 1978.

Folder 4: Script, Show 5, Second draft, August 7, 1978 (4


Folder 5: Script, Show 6, Second draft, August 14, 1978 (4


Folder 6: Script, Show 7, First draft.

Folder 7: Script, Show 7, October 12, 1978.

Folder 8: Script, Show 7, Final draft, October 27, 1978 (5       


Box 37: Roots II tape transcriptions.

Folder 1: Guide to tapes 1-29 (2 copies).

Folder 2: Transcript to tape 3.

Folder 3: Transcript to tapes 4-6.

Folder 4: Transcript to tape 7.

Folder 5: Transcript to tape 8 (2 copies).

Folder 6: Transcript to tapes 9-10 (2 copies).

Folder 7: Transcript to tapes 11-13 (2 copies).

Folder 8: Transcript to tape 14 (2 copies).

Folder 9: Transcript to tapes 15-16 (2 copies).

Folder 10: Transcript to tape 17 (2 copies).

Folder 11: Transcript to tape 18 (2 copies).

Folder 12: Transcript to tapes 19-20 (2 copies).

Folder 13: Transcript to tapes 21-22 (2 copies).

Folder 14: Transcript to tape 23 (2 copies).

Folder 15: Transcript to tape 24 (2 copies).

Folder 16: Transcript to tapes 25-26 (2 copies).

Folder 17: Transcript to tapes 27-29a (2 copies).

Folder 18: Transcript to tape 30 (2 copies).

Folder 19: Transcript to tapes 31-32 (2 copies).

Folder 20: Transcript to tapes 1-16.

Folder 21: Transcript to tapes 17-30.

Folder 22: Tape guide and transcripts to tapes 1-35.

Box 38: Other Roots II.

Folder 1: Revisions, with show numbers (Shows 1-4).

Folder 2: Revisions, with dates.

Folder 3: Revisions, no show numbers or dates.

Folder 4: Television treatments, Shows 1-5.

Folder 5: Preliminary synopses for televisions.

Folder 6: Transcripts of three meetings between Alex Haley, John

          McGreevey and Stan Margulies on January 9,18,19,1978

          and with My Lewis, February 9, 1978.

Folder 7: Correspondence and memos concerning Roots II.

Folder 8: Cast and crew lists, shooting schedules, props, part

          descriptions and formal announcement.

Folder 9: David L. Wolper biographical information.

Folder 10: Public Relations folder from ABC.

Folder 11: Introduction for Roots movie, handwritten by Haley.

Folder 12: Notes taken for Roots II

Folder 13: Research files: Elizabeth's romance.

Folder 14: Research files: Henning grows.

Folder 15: Research files: Will Palmer story.

Folder 16: Research files: Cynthia romance/marriage.

Folder 17: Research files: Bertha and Simon, the Haley's- I.

Folder 18: Research files: Tom Murray, blacksmith.

Folder 19: Research files: Chicken George.

Folder 20: Research files: The irrepressible Matilda.

                          Trial Series

     Alex Haley was sued three times for plagiarism. In 1977,

Margaret Walker Alexander sued claiming Roots plagiarized her

1966 book, Jubilee, and her book, How I Wrote Jubilee. She

claimed that certain scenes, especially during the trip from

Africa and Kunta's escape, were taken from her book. Haley and

Doubleday, also a defendant in the case, stated that the scenes

she claimed to be hers were actually scenes that could be found

in many books, both historical and fictional. The case was

eventually dismissed but the legal maneuvers continued into 1980.

     There are three boxes of material from this case. Included

are the trial transcript, legal correspondence between Haley and

his lawyer, George Berger, and material collected from books

concerning slavery giving scenes such as those that Walker

claimed Haley took from her.

     Also in 1977, Harold Courlander sued claiming that Roots

plagiarized his 1967 book, The African. Haley admitted using two

short passages from the work, passages found in his research

notebooks. The case was finally settled out of court in 1978,

with the bulk of the $650,000 settlement being put up by


     There are 9 boxes of materials from this case. Included are

trial transcripts, legal correspondence and defense exhibits. The

correspondence consists primarily of Berger sending Haley copies

of motions entered by himself or Courlander's attorneys.

Doubleday and ABC were co-defendants in the case.

     The defense exhibits are the most important facet of this

series. They are in two parts. First are some of Haley's original

research material for Roots. These include diaries and

appointment books kept during his trips to The Gambia, notebooks

with historical facts divided by subject areas and photocopied

sentences or paragraphs from other books (where the Courlander

quotes were found). Secondly, there are over 4000 pages of

photocopies made by Haley's lawyers of papers in his and Paul

Reynolds', Haley's editor at Doubleday, files. These include not

only information about, but a manuscript of Roots with editorial

comments, personal correspondence concerning Haley life and

correspondence concerning the Autobiography of Malcolm X. Some of

the material from Haley's office (AH) is photocopied from

material in the Roots working materials series.

     Lastly, Haley was sued in 1978 by Leonard S. Brown, Jr. The

suit named Haley, Warner Brothers and at least 18 other prominent

defendants for numerous offenses. It was completely without

merit, however, and was thrown out quickly.

Courlander Material

Box 39: Courlander vs. Haley trial transcript

Folder 1: November 6, 1978.

Folder 2: November 7, 1978.

Folder 3: November 8, 1978.

Folder 4: November 9, 1978.

Folder 5: November 13, 1978.

Folder 6: November 14, 1978.

Folder 7: November 15, 1978.

Folder 8: November 16, 1978.

Folder 9: November 17, 1978.

Folder 10: November 22, 1978.

Folder 11: November 27, 1978.

Folder 12: November 28, 1978.

Folder 13: November 29, 1978.

Folder 14: November 30, 1978.

Folder 15: December 4, 1978.

Folder 16: December 5, 1978.

Folder 17: December 6, 1978.

Folder 18: December 7, 1978.

Folder 19: December 11, 1978.

Box 40: Courlander vs. Haley legal materials/correspondence

Folder 1: 1977.

Folder 2: January, 1978.

Folder 3: February, 1978.

Folder 4: March, 1978.

Folder 5: April, 1978.

Folder 6: May, 1978.

Folder 7: June, 1978.

Folder 8: July, 1978.

Folder 9: August, 1978.

Folder 10: September, 1978.

Folder 11: October, 1978.

Folder 12: 1979.

Box 41: Courlander vs. Haley other material from trial

Harold Courlander, The African (two copies).

Folder 1: Preliminary outlines of questions and answers for


Folder 2: Plaintiffs pre-trial memorandum and proposed findings

          of fact and conclusions of law, pts. 1 & 2; Defendants

          pre-trial memorandum (both undated).

Folder 3: Courlander letter to Crown Publishers concerning Roots;

          Article by Courlander.

Folder 4: Drafts of Proposed findings of fact and conclusions of

          law: Issue of substantial similarity.

Folder 5: May, 1974 Research Report on Roots by Reader's Digest.

Folder 6: Lists or schedules prepared for trial: A) Libraries and

          other repositories visited; B) Research notes and

          sources; C) Interviews and/or correspondence; D)

          miscellaneous things tasted, heard, seen and touched in


Folder 7: Comparisons of passages from The African with passages

          from Roots. Includes list of all passages challenged by


Box 42: Defense Exhibits I

Folder 1: Working Report with letter, June 13, 1967 (photocopies)


Folder 2: Appointment books, 1965 (3) (DX159a-c); Monthly plan

          schedule, August 1965-February 1966 (DX159d).

Appointment books/Calendars (not in folders):

Appointment book, 1967 (DX160).

Appointment book, 1968 (DX161a).

Calendar, 1968 (DX161b).

Appointment book, 1969 (2) (DX162a-b).

Calendar, 1970 (DX163).

Appointment book, 1971 (DX164a).

Calendar, 1971 (DX164b).

Calendar, 1972 (DX165).

Appointment book, 1973 (DX166a).

Calendar, 1973 (DX166b).

Appointment book, 1974 (DX167).

Appointment book, 1975 (DX168a).

Calendar, 1974 (DX168b).

Appointment book, 1975 (168c).

Folder 3: Roots research notes from folders (DX182).

Folder 4: Roots research notes from folders (DX183).

Folder 5: Roots research notes from folders (DX184).

Folder 6: Roots research notes from folders (DX185).

Folder 7: Roots research notes from folders (DX186).

Folder 8: Roots research notes from folders (DX187).

Folder 9: Roots research notes from folders (DX188).

Folder 10: Roots research notes from folders (DX189).

Folder 11: Roots research notes from 3-ring binders, separated

           into subjects (DX190).

Folder 12: Roots research notes from 3-ring binders, separated

           into subjects (DX190).

Folder 13: Roots research notes from 3-ring binders, separated

           into subjects (DX191).

Folder 14: Roots research notes from 3-ring binders, separated

           into subjects (DX192).

Folder 15: Roots research notes from 3-ring binders, separated

           into subjects (DX192).

Folder 16: Roots research notes from 3-ring binders, separated

           into subjects (DX193).

Folder 17: Roots research notes from 3-ring binders, separated

           into subjects (DX193).

Box 43 : Defense Exhibits II

Folder 1: Roots research notes from notebooks (DX194).

Folder 2: Roots research notes from notebooks (DX195).

Folder 3: Roots research notes from notebooks (DX196).

Folder 4: Roots research notes from notebooks (DX197).

Folder 5: Roots research notes from notebooks (DX199).

Folder 6: Roots research notes from notebooks (DX200).

Folder 7: Roots research notes from notebooks (DX201).

Folder 8: Roots research notes from notebooks (DX202).

Folder 9: Diagram of slave ship (DX235).

Folder 10: Photocopy of DX160 (see box 4).

Folder 11: Photocopy of DX161a-b (see box 4).

Folder 12: Photocopy of DX162a (see box 4).

Folder 13: Photocopy of DX162b (see box 4).

Box 44: Photocopies of material from Paul Reynolds' office.

Folder 1: PR 1-200.

Folder 2: PR 201-400.

Folder 3: PR 401-600.

Folder 4: PR 601-800.

Folder 5: PR 801-1000.

Folder 6: PR 1001-1200.

Folder 7: PR 1201-1400.

Folder 8: PR 1401-1600.

Folder 9: PR 1601-1800.

Folder 10: PR 1801-2000.

Folder 11: PR 2001-2200.

Folder 12: PR 2201-2400.

Folder 13: PR 2401-2600.

Folder 14: PR 2601-2800.

Folder 15: PR 2801-3000.

Box 45: Photocopies of materials from Paul Reynolds and Alex      

      Haley's offices.

Folder 1: PR 3001-3200.

Folder 2: PR 3201-3400.

Folder 3: PR 3401-3600.

Folder 4: PR 3601-3800.

Folder 5: PR 3801-3924.

Folder 6: AH 1-229.

Folder 7: AH 230-407.

Folder 8: AH 408-612.

Folder 9: AH 613-806.

Folder 10: AH 807-1009.

Folder 11: AH 1010-1200.

Box 46: Photocopies of materials from Alex Haley's office.

Folder 1: AH 1201-1400

Folder 2: AH 1401-1600

Folder 3: AH 1601-1800

Folder 4: AH 1801-2000

Folder 5: AH 2001-2200

Folder 6: AH 2201-2400

Folder 7: AH 2401-2600

Folder 8: AH 2601-2800

Folder 9: AH 2801-3000

Folder 10: AH 3001-3200

Folder 11: AH 3201-3400

Folder 12: AH 3401-3600

Folder 13: AH 3601-3800

Folder 14: AH 3801-4000

Box 47: Photocopies of materials from Alex Haley's office.

Folder 1: AH 4001-4200

Folder 2: AH 4201-4400

Folder 3: AH 4401-4600

Folder 4: AH 4601-4800

Folder 5: AH 4801-5000

Folder 6: AH 5001-5200

Folder 7: AH 5201-5400

Folder 8: AH 5401-5600

Folder 9: AH 5601-5800

Folder 10: AH 5801-6000

Folder 11: AH 6001-6153

Walker Material

Box 48: Walker vs. Haley trial transcript

Folder 1: Conference transcript: November 29, 1977.

Folder 2: Preliminary meeting transcript: December 9, 1977.

Folder 3: December 12, 1977.

Folder 4: December 13, 1977.

Folder 5: December 15, 1977.

Folder 6: December 16 & 19, 1977.

Folder 7: December 20, 1977.

Box 49: Walker vs. Haley legal materials/correspondence

Folder 1: July, 1977.

Folder 2: August, 1977.

Folder 3: September, 1977.

Folder 4: October, 1977.

Folder 5: November, 1977.

Folder 6: December, 1977.

Folder 7: January, 1978.

Folder 8: February, 1978.

Folder 9: March, 1978.

Folder 10: April, 1978,

Folder 11: June, 1978.

Folder 12: August, 1978.

Folder 13: September, 1978.

Folder 14: October, 1978.

Folder 15: January, 1979.

Folder 16: February, 1979.

Folder 17: April, 1979.

Folder 18: May, 1979.

Folder 19: June, 1979.

Folder 20: September, 1979.

Folder 21: November, 1979.

Folder 22: December, 1979.

Folder 23: January, 1980.

Folder 24: February, 1980.

Folder 25: March, 1980.

Folder 26: Other material gathered for trial.

Box 50: Works copied for defense, organized by author.

Margaret Walker, Jubilee.

Folder 1: List of works.

Folder 2: A

Folder 3: B

Folder 4: C

Folder 5: D

Folder 6: F

Folder 7: G

Folder 8: H

Folder 9: J

Folder 10: K

Folder 11: L

Folder 12: M

Folder 13: N

Folder 14: O

Folder 15: P

Folder 16: R

Folder 17: S

Folder 18: T

Folder 19: W

Folder 20: Y

Brown Material

Folder 21: Brown vs. Haley.


                   Palmerstown, U.S.A. Series

     This material was assembled by Haley as part of the work on

his Palmerstown, U.S.A. television series. The first 6.5 boxes

are his research files in his arrangement. Most of them deal with

many different facets of life in a small town in the 1920's and

1930's. These are followed by books and magazines concerning that


     The final two boxes are outlines, drafts and scripts of

several episodes. Booker was the original script that Palmerstown

grew out of and Kings of the Hill was another early name for the


Box 51: Small Town Materials Files.

Folder 1: Children-Boys' Photographs.

Folder 2: Children-Boys' Articles.

Folder 3: Children-Girls.

Folder 4: Children-General.

Folder 5: Growing Up Children-General.

Folder 6: Growing Up Children-8 years old.

Folder 7: Growing Up Children-9 years old.

Folder 8: Growing Up Children-10 years old.

Folder 9: Growing Up Children-11 years old.

Folder 10: Growing Up Children-12 years old.

Folder 11: Growing Up Children-13 years old.

Folder 12: Growing Up Children-14 years old.

Folder 13: Growing Up Children-15 years old.

Folder 14: Growing Up Children-16 years old.

Folder 15: Growing Up Children-17 years old.

Folder 16: Growing Up Children-18 years old.

Folder 17: Chores and Money-Making Activities.

Folder 18: Games, Plays and Other Activities-General.

Folder 19: Games, Plays and Other Activities-Projects.

Folder 20: Games, Plays and Other Activities-Kids' Collections.

Folder 21: Playthings.

Folder 22: Pets.

Folder 23: Adults-Mens' Photographs.

Folder 24: Adults-Mens' Articles.

Folder 25: Adults-Womens' Photographs.

Folder 26: Adults-Womens' Articles.

Folder 27: Adults-Elderly Photographs.

Folder 28: Adults-Elderly Photographs.

Folder 29: Family Photographs.

Folder 30: Family Articles.

Box 52: Small Town Materials files.

Folder 1: Small Town Community: Tennessee, General.

Folder 2: Small Town Community: Henning, TN.

Folder 3: Small Town Community: Henning Residents.

Folder 4: Small Town Community: Henning Dwellings.

Folder 5: Small Town Community: Henning Businesses.

Folder 6: Small Town Community: Ripley, TN-Photographs and


Folder 7: Town and Townspeople: The Town.

Folder 8: Town and Townspeople: Storekeepers, General.

Folder 9: Town and Townspeople: General Store/Grocery.

Folder 10: Town and Townspeople: Drugstore.

Folder 11: Town and Townspeople: Notion Store.

Folder 12: Town and Townspeople: Blacksmith Shop.

Folder 13: Town and Townspeople: Garage/Gas Station.

Folder 14: Town and Townspeople: Hardware Store Photographs.

Folder 15: Town and Townspeople: Hardware Store Articles.

Folder 16: Town and Townspeople: Feedstore.

Folder 17: Town and Townspeople: Newspaper.

Folder 18: Town and Townspeople: Bank.

Folder 19: Town and Townspeople: Post Office.

Folder 20: Town and Townspeople: Beauty Parlor.

Folder 21: Town and Townspeople: Barber Shop.

Folder 22: Town and Townspeople: Cotton Gin and Cotton.

Folder 23: Town and Townspeople: Inn/Cafe.

Folder 24: Town and Townspeople: Boardinghouse/Hotel.

Folder 25: Town and Townspeople: Railroad and Depot.

Folder 26: Town and Townspeople: Fire Department.

Folder 27: Town and Townspeople: Sawmill.

Folder 28: Town and Townspeople: Prison Farm Photos.

Folder 29: Town and Townspeople: Prison Farm Articles.

Folder 30: Town and Townspeople: Additional Businesses.

Folder 31: Handywork: General.

Folder 32: Handywork: Whittling.

Folder 33: Handywork: Woodwork.

Box 53: Small Town Materials files.

Folder 1: Working People: General.

Folder 2: Working People: Maids.

Folder 3: Education: General Photographs.

Folder 4: Education: General Articles.

Folder 5: Education: The Teacher.

Folder 6: Education: The School Building.

Folder 7: Education: School Programs for Holidays.

Folder 8: Education: School as Social Center.

Folder 9: Education: Studies and Curriculum.

Folder 10: Education: Discipline and Acting Sight.

Folder 11: Education: Adult Education.

Folder 12: Education: Blacks.

Folder 13: Religion: Church Activities.

Folder 14: Religion: Denominations.

Folder 15: Religion: Preachers.

Folder 16: Religion: Church Building.

Folder 17: Religion: Women's Work.

Folder 18: Religion: Blacks, Photographs.

Folder 19: Religion: Blacks, Articles.

Folder 20: Religion: Father Divine.

Folder 21: Dealing with Death.

Folder 22: Race Attitudes and Behavior: Race Relations.

Folder 23: Race Attitudes and Behavior: Black Attitudes and


Folder 24: Race Attitudes and Behavior: Color and Status.

Folder 25: Race Attitudes and Behavior: NAACP.

Folder 26: Race Attitudes and Behavior: Ku Klux Klan.

Folder 27: Race Attitudes and Behavior: Noted Blacks.

Folder 28: Politics and Government: Politicians Running for


Folder 29: Politics and Government: General.

Folder 30: Law and Order

Folder 31: In Sickness and In Health: General.

Folder 32: In Sickness and In Health: Doctorin'.

Folder 33: In Sickness and In Health: Home Remedies.

Folder 34: In Sickness and In Health: Midwives.

Folder 35: In Sickness and In Health: Dentists, Fixing Teeth.

Folder 36: In Sickness and In Health: Childhood Illnesses.

Folder 37: In Sickness and In Health: Expectant Mothers.

Folder 38: In Sickness and In Health: Nursing.

Folder 39: The Medicine Man Show.

Box 54: Small Town Materials files.

Folder 1: Communications: The Telegraph.

Folder 2: Communications: The Telephone.

Folder 3: Communications: The Postal Service.

Folder 4: Transportation: The Highway.

Folder 5: Transportation: Cars and Accessories.

Folder 6: Transportation: Railroad Photographs.

Folder 7: Transportation: Railroad Articles.

Folder 8: Transportation: Other Transportation.

Folder 9: Transportation: The River.

Folder 10: Community Obligation: Women's Clubs.

Folder 11: Community Obligation: Boys' and Girls' Clubs.

Folder 12: Community Obligation: Other Organizations.

Folder 13: Social Events: General.

Folder 14: Social Events: Quilting Bees and Other Bees.

Folder 15: Social Events: Corn Shuckings.

Folder 16: Social Events: Picnics.

Folder 17: Social Events: Country Fairs.

Folder 18: Social Events: Pageants.

Folder 19: Social Events: Contests and Tournaments.

Folder 20: Social Events: Parties-Young Folk.

Folder 21: Social Events: the Circus.

Folder 22: Social Events: When Visitors Come.

Folder 23: Community Celebrations: Holidays.

Folder 24: Community Celebrations: Halloween.

Folder 25: Community Celebrations: Arbor Day.

Folder 26: Community Celebrations: Christmas.

Folder 27: Community Celebrations: Thanksgiving.

Folder 28: Community Celebrations: Mother's Day.

Folder 29: Community Celebrations: 4th of July.

Folder 30: Games and Leisure Time Activities: Hunting and        


Folder 31: Games and Leisure Time Activities: Going to Town.

Folder 32: Games and Leisure Time Activities: Horseshoe Pitching.

Folder 33: Games and Leisure Time Activities: Table Tennis.

Folder 34: Games and Leisure Time Activities: Other Activities.

Folder 35: Homemaking: General.

Folder 36: Homemaking: Canning and Preserving.

Folder 37: Homemaking: Sewing and Making Things.

Folder 38: Homemaking: Guides for Shopping.

Folder 39: Homemaking: House Cleaning.

Folder 40: The Homeplace.

Folder 41: Household Things: General.

Folder 42: Household Things: Appliances.

Folder 43: Household Things: Furniture.

Folder 44: Washday.

Folder 45: Beverages: Coffee.

Folder 46: Beverages: Cider and Building a Cider Press.

Folder 47: Beverages: Other Beverages.

Folder 48: Food

Folder 49: Chewing Gum, Candy and Other Junk.

Box 55: Small Town Materials files.

Folder 1: The Rural South: General.

Folder 2: Agriculture: Farming.

Folder 3: Agriculture: Clearing the Land, Planting, Harvesting.

Folder 4: Agriculture: Crops.

Folder 5: Agriculture: Farm Tools and Implements.

Folder 6: Agriculture: Women's Role.

Folder 7: Agriculture: Farm Relief and Parity.

Folder 8: Agriculture: County Agents.

Folder 9: Agriculture: The Hired Hand.

Folder 10: Farm Animals.

Folder 11: Sharecroppers: Photographs.

Folder 12: Sharecroppers: Articles.

Folder 13: Poor Whites: Photographs.

Folder 14: Poor Whites: Articles.

Folder 15: Poor Whites: Shantyboat Folk.

Folder 16: Migrant Workers.

Folder 17: Weather Signs.

Folder 18: Natural Disasters: General.

Folder 19: Natural Disasters: Flood Photographs.

Folder 20: Natural Disasters: Flood Articles.

Folder 21: Natural Disasters: Droughts.

Folder 22: Popular Culture: Sports, General.

Folder 23: Popular Culture: Sports, Baseball.

Folder 24: Popular Culture: Radio Shows and Heroes.

Folder 25: Popular Culture: Radio Shows, For Just a Box Top.

Folder 26: Popular Culture: Radio Shows, Aunt Sammy's Radio


Folder 27: Popular Culture: Movies.

Folder 28: Music: General.

Folder 29: Music: Scores.

Folder 30: Music: Religious.

Folder 31: Plays and Musicals.

Folder 32: Books and Magazines.

Box 56: Small Town Materials files.

Folder 1: Federal Government: Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Folder 2: Federal Government: Works Progress Administration.

Folder 3: Federal Government: Tennessee Valley Authority.

Folder 4: Federal Government: Civilian Conservation Corps.

Folder 5: Labor and Labor Organizations: General.

Folder 6: Labor and Labor Organizations: Rise of Unions.

Folder 7: Business and Industry: General.

Folder 8: Business and Industry: Advertising.

Folder 9: Business and Industry: Credit.

Folder 10: Storytelling.

Folder 11: Signs and Billboards.

Folder 12: Tobacco and Other Smokes.

Folder 13: Hunkering.

Folder 14: Doing Hair.

Folder 15: Whiskey and Bootlegging.

Folder 16: Feelings and Philosophies.

Folder 17: Sayings and Folkisms.

Folder 18: Beliefs and Superstitions: General.

Folder 19: Beliefs and Superstitions: Voodoo and Hoodoo.

Folder 20: Courtin'.

Folder 21: Wildcrafting.

Folder 22: Nature.

Folder 23: Goin' North.

Folder 24: Fashions 1930's: General.

Folder 25: Fashions 1930's: Men.

Folder 26: Fashions 1930's: Women.

Folder 27: Fashions 1930's: Children.

Folder 28: Personal Hygiene and Grooming.

Folder 29: The Number's Game.

Folder 30: Mail Order Catalogues.

Folder 31: Yearly Catalogues: 1929-1934.

Folder 32: Yearly Catalogues: 1935.

Folder 33: Yearly Catalogues: 1936.

Folder 34: Yearly Catalogues: 1937.

Folder 35: Yearly Catalogues: 1938.

Folder 36: Yearly Catalogues: 1939.

Folder 37: Calendar Month-by-Month: General.

Folder 38: Calendar Month-by-Month: January.

Folder 39: Calendar Month-by-Month: February.

Folder 40: Calendar Month-by-Month: March.

Folder 41: Calendar Month-by-Month: April.

Folder 42: Calendar Month-by-Month: May.

Folder 43: Calendar Month-by-Month: June.

Folder 44: Calendar Month-by-Month: July.

Folder 45: Calendar Month-by-Month: August.

Folder 46: Calendar Month-by-Month: September.

Folder 47: Calendar Month-by-Month: October.

Folder 48: Calendar Month-by-Month: November.

Folder 49: Calendar Month-by-Month: December.

Folder 50: Yearly Calendar: 1935.

Folder 51: Yearly Calendar: 1936.

Folder 52: Yearly Calendar: 1937.

Folder 53: Yearly Calendar: 1938.

Folder 54: Yearly Calendar: 1939.

Folder 55: Yearly Calendar: 1940.

Box 57: Research material.

Folder 1: Literary Criticism.

Folder 2: Photographer Linda Gunderman.

Folder 3: Researchers: Mrs. Peterson and Mr. Clingen.

Folder 4: Resources: Small Town.

Folder 5: Information on Perspective Writers.

Folder 6: Roots' Foundation.

Folder 7: Researched Material Borrowed from File.

Folder 8: Small Town Index.

Folder 9: Correspondence.

Folder 10: Publicity.

Folder 11: Research notes.

Folder 12: Casting notes.

Folder 13: Allen, Frederick Lewis. Since Yesterday 1929-1939. New

           York: Harper & Row, 1939.

Folder 14: Clauser, Suzanne. A Girl Named Sooner. New York: Avon

           Books, 1972.

Folder 15: Hammer, Laura V. Somebody Might Come. Dallas: American

           Guild Press, 1958.

Folder 16: Kempton, Murray. Part of Our Time. New York: Dell

           Publishing Co., 1955.

Folder 17: Royce, Craig Ivan. Country Miles are Longer than City

           Miles. Pasadena: Ward Ritchie Press, 1976.

Folder 18: Smith, Elmer L. The Country Store. Lebanon,           

           Pennsylvania: Applied Arts Publishing, 1977.

Folder 19: Weverka, Robert. The Waltons. New York: Bantam Press,


Folder 20: Good Old Days, October 1969.

Folder 21: Good Old Days, January 1972.

Folder 22: Good Old Days, June 1976.

Folder 23: Good Old Days, October 1976.

Folder 24: Good Old Days, November 1976.

Folder 25: Good Old Days, July 1977.

Folder 26: Good Old Days, September 1977.

Folder 27: Good Old Days, March 1978.

Folder 28: Good Old Days, April 1978.

Folder 29: Good Old Days, May 1978.

Folder 30: Good Old Days, June 1978.

Folder 31: Liberty, Winter 1971.

Folder 32: Liberty, Fall 1974.

Folder 33: Liberty, Winter 1974.

Folder 34: Liberty, Summer 1975.

Folder 35: Liberty, Winter 1975.

Folder 36: Liberty, Spring 1976.

Folder 37: Looking Back, Winter 1975.

Box 58: Extracted Sources.

Folder 1: Photocopies from books and magazine articles on

          different aspects of the 1930's.

Folder 2: Photocopies from books and magazine articles on

          different aspects of the 1930's.

Folder 3: Photocopies from books and magazine articles on

          different aspects of the 1930's.

Folder 4: Photocopies from books and magazine articles on

          different aspects of the 1930's.

Folder 5: Photocopies from books and magazine articles on

          different aspects of the 1930's.

Folder 6: Photocopies from books and magazine articles on

          different aspects of the 1930's.

Folder 7: Photocopies from books and magazine articles on

          different aspects of the 1930's.

Folder 8: Photocopies from books and magazine articles on

          different aspects of the 1930's.

Folder 9: Photocopies from books and magazine articles on

          different aspects of the 1930's.

Folder 10: Photocopies from books and magazine articles on       

           different aspects of the 1930's.

Box 59: Episode ideas and scripts.

Folder 1: Episode Ideas.

Folder 2: Episode Ideas.

Folder 3: Episode Ideas.

Folder 4: Episode Ideas.

Folder 5: Notes and Originals.

Folder 6: Episode synopses.

Folder 7: Booker Original Script.

Folder 8: "Kings of the Hill" (or "Tumblin' Buddies").

Folder 9: "Kings of the Hill".

Folder 10: "Kings of the Hill".

Folder 11: "Kings of the Hill".

Folder 12: "Kings of the Hill".

Folder 13: "Kings of the Hill".

Box 60: Episode scripts.

Folder 1: "The Black Travellers".

Folder 2: "The Black Travellers".

Folder 3: "The Black Travellers".

Folder 4: "The Black Travellers".

Folder 5: "The Black Travellers".

Folder 6: "Kidnapped".

Folder 7: "Kidnapped".

Folder 8: "Kidnapped".

Folder 9: "A Place for Bo" (or "A Place for Happy").

Folder 10: "A Place for Bo".

Folder 11: "A Place for Bo".

Folder 12: "A Place for Bo".

Folder 13: "The Old Sister".

Folder 14: "The Old Sister".

Folder 15: "The Old Sister".

Folder 16: "The Old Sister".

Folder 17: "The Threat".

Folder 18: "The Threat".

Box 61: Episode scripts.

Folder 1: "The Hobo".

Folder 2: "The Hobo".

Folder 3: "The Hobo".

Folder 4: "The Hobo".

Folder 5: "The Hobo".

Folder 6: "The Hobo".

Folder 7: "The Suitor".

Folder 8: "The Suitor".

Folder 9: "The Suitor".

Folder 10: "Epidemic".

Folder 11: "Epidemic".

Folder 12: "Epidemic".

Folder 13: "Epidemic".

Folder 14: "Crossroads".

Folder 15: "Crossroads".

Box 62: Episode scripts.

Folder 1: "Future City".

Folder 2: "Future City".

Folder 3: "Future City".

Folder 4: "The Vendetta".

Folder 5: "The Vendetta".

Folder 6: "Dry Hole".

Folder 7: "Dry Hole".

Folder 8: "The Lesson".

Folder 9: "The Lesson".

Folder 10: "The Lesson".

Folder 11: "The Lesson".

Folder 12: "Scandal".

Folder 13: "Scandal".

Box 63: Episode scripts, notes and early drafts.

Folder 1: "Roadhouse".

Folder 2: "Roadhouse".

Folder 3: "Roadhouse".

Folder 4: "The Rite".

Folder 5: "The Leader".

Folder 6: Revisions, notes and cast lists for "Old Sister".

Folder 7: Revisions, notes and cast lists for "Future City".

Folder 8: Revisions, notes and cast lists for "Kidnapped".

Folder 9: Revisions, notes and cast lists for "Black Travellers".

Folder 10: Revisions, notes and cast lists for "Crossroads".

Folder 11: Revisions, notes and cast lists for "Epidemic".

Folder 12: Revisions, notes and cast lists for "Vendetta".

Folder 13: Revisions, notes and cast lists for "The Suitor".

Folder 14: Revisions, notes and cast lists for "The Lesson".

Folder 15: Revisions, notes and cast lists for "The Hobo".

Folder 16: Revisions, notes and cast lists for "Dry Hole".

Folder 17: Revisions, notes and cast lists for "A Place for Bo".

Folder 18: TV movie pilot, working copy.

Folder 19: Working copies for scripts (episodes not listed).

Folder 20: Working copies for scripts (episodes not listed).

Box 64: Original drafts, original script, tape transcripts.

Folder 1: Tumblin' Buddies, first draft, July 23, 1979, by Ron


Folder 2: Tumblin' Buddies, Chapter 1, drafts.

Folder 3: Tumblin' Buddies, Chapter 2, rough drafts.

Folder 4: Tumblin' Buddies, Chapter 3, rough drafts.

Folder 5: Tumblin' Buddies, Chapter 4, rough drafts.

Folder 6: Tumblin' Buddies, Chapter 5, rough drafts.

Folder 7: Tumblin' Buddies, Chapter 6, rough drafts.

Folder 8: Tumblin' Buddies, Chapter 7, rough drafts.

Folder 9: Script for "A Two Hour Original Motion Picture Story

          Projected to be The Pilot for a Television Series" by

          Alex Haley.

Folder 10: Script for "A Two Hour Original Motion Picture Story

           Projected to be The Pilot for a Television Series" by

           Alex Haley.

Folder 11: Tape transcripts from meetings between Alex Haley,

           Norman Lear, Ron Rubin, George Sims, Mike Smith and

           Odie Hawkins, May-October, 1979.

Folder 12: Shooting schedules.

Folder 13: Cast and crew lists.

Folder 14: Promotional bulletin.

Folder 15: Nielsen reports.

Folder 16: The Waltons first season episode lists.

Folder 17: "Speaking Southern" Glossary by Mike Smith.

                       Audiovisual Series

     This series contains the photographs, videotapes and audio

recordings from the collection. 

     The photographs include older family photographs of Haley's

ancestors, photographs taken by Haley while researching including

quite a few taken in route to and in Gambia, and photographs

taken on the set of Roots and Roots: the Next Generations.

     The videotapes start with tapes of Haley's Palmerstown

series, including 19 tapes showing 17 episodes. Next come tapes

of Roots, Roots: The Next Generation and Roots: 1 year later.

Next come several tapes of other shows focusing on Roots and one

tape of a commencement speech given by Haley. Lastly are a series

of 13 taped interviews Haley did as part of the Interviews with

Black Filmmakers series.

     The Cassette tapes are perhaps the most surprising part of

the collection. Haley dictated different versions of Roots onto

cassette tapes for his secretary to type up (assumedly after he

hand-wrote them). We have two versions of Roots on tape, called

the Gold Crest (from the type of tape) and the Book Narrative

(labeled as such on some of the tapes). Unfortunately some of the

containers of the tapes had water leakage while in storage and

therefore some of the tapes were damaged by mold, but most are

still in original condition. There are also tapes dealing with

Roots II, the Search for Roots project and some lecture and book


     In the Other Media box are several very important Reel-to-

Reel tapes made in Africa, including the interview with the

Griot. Haley, of course, recognized the importance of these tapes

and had them dubbed onto cassettes, these cassettes are listed as

Set 5 in box 7.


Box 65: Photographs of Haley, family and Roots research.

Folder 1: Alex Haley.

Folder 2: Murray Plantation, Waller house and Palmer house (some

          with negatives); Elaine Waller with Haley (framed).

Folder 3: Photographs from Gambia (with negatives).

Folder 4: Photographs from Gambia.

Folder 5: Family photographs.

Folder 6: Family and Henning family friends photographs.

Folder 7: Friends of Alex Haley.

Folder 8: Photographs aboard S.S. African Star.

Folder 9: Alex Haley and George Sims.

Folder 10: Photograph of original documents.

Folder 11: Coast Guard photographs.

Folder 12: Roots set and actors.

Folder 13: Palmerstown set and actors.

Folder 14: Alex Haley and Henry Kissinger.

Folder 15: Appearances, book-signings and "Alex Haley Days".

Folder 16: Negatives.

Box 66: Other Photographs and Scrapbooks.

Folder 1: North Carolina small town photos and slides.

Folder 2: Alex Haley in Japan.

Folder 3: Framed photograph of Haley and Norman Lear.

Folder 4: Artist Joseph Delaney.

Folder 5: Slides from Old Slave Mart, Charleston, South Carolina.

Folder 6: Photographs by Walker Evans.

Folder 7: Photographs by Walker Evans.

Folder 8: Photographs by Walker Evans.

Scrapbook 1: Photos aboard U.S.S. Columbus Wellington, December,

             1987, with Lamar Alexander, George Sims and others.

Scrapbook 2: Gift to Alex Haley from Dr. Regina Perry. Show Alex

             Haley with friends at farmhouse.

Scrapbook 3: Photos from visit to Tuskegee Institute.

Box 67: Palmerstown Videotapes.

Tape 1: "Palmerstown, USA" Pt.1.

Tape 2: "Palmerstown, USA" Pt.2.

Tape 3: "Kidnapped"

Tape 4: "The Lesson"

Tape 5: "Old Sister"

Tape 6: "A Place for Bo"

Tape 7: "Black Travelers" Pt. 1.

Tape 8: "Black Travelers" Pt. 2, reels 1-6.

Tape 9: "Black Travelers" Pt. 2.

Tape 10: "The Threat" #201

Tape 11: "Crossroads" #202

Tape 12: "Crossroads" #202

Tape 13: "Vendetta" #203

Tape 14: "Scandal" #204

Tape 15: "The Suitor" #205

Box 68: Palmerstown and Roots Videotapes.

Tape 1: "Hobo" #206

Tape 2: "Future City" #207

Tape 3: "Roadhouse" #208

Tape 4: "Epidemic" #209

Tape 5: "Dry Hole" #210

Tape 6: Roots 1, Pt.1.

Tape 7: Roots 1, Pt.2.

Tape 8: Roots 2, Pt.1.

Tape 9: Roots 2, Pt.2.

Tape 10: Roots 3.

Tape 11: Roots 4.

Tape 12: Roots 5.

Tape 13: Roots 6, Pt.1.

Tape 14: Roots 6, Pt.2.

Tape 15: Roots 7.

Box 69: Roots, Roots:Next Generation and Roots-related            


Tape 1: Roots 8, Pt. 1.

Tape 2: Roots 8, Pt.2.

Tape 3: Roots: The Next Generation, Show 2, Pt.1.

Tape 4: Roots: The Next Generation, Show 3, Pt.1.

Tape 5: Roots: The Next Generation, Show 4, Pt.1.

Tape 6: Roots: The Next Generation, Show 5, Pt.1.

Tape 7: Roots: The Next Generation, Show 5, Pt.2.

Tape 8: Roots: The Next Generation, Show 6, Pt.1.

Tape 9: Roots: The Next Generation, Show 6, Pt.2.

Tape 10: Roots: The Next Generation, Show 7, Pt.1.

Tape 11: Roots: The Next Generation, Show 7, Pt.2.

Tape 12: Roots (Presentation).

Tape 13: Roots Promo.

Tape 14: Roots: 1 Year Later.

Tape 15: Roots: 1 Year Later.

Box 70: Roots-related, Commencement Speech and Interviews with    

       Black Filmmakers Videotapes.

Tape 1: Alex Haley donating papers to the University of           


Tape 2: Dinah Shore show focusing on Roots.

Tape 3: Dinah Shore show focusing on Roots.

Tape 4: ABC Evening News focusing on Roots, 2/2/77.

Tape 5: Winter Commencement: Ohio State University. Speaker Alex

        Haley, 1976.

Tape 6: Interview with Neema Barrette and Julia Dash.

Tape 7: Interview with Suzanne De Passe.

Tape 8: Interview with Bill Duke.

Tape 9: Interview with Warrington Hudlin.

Tape 10: Interview with George Jackson and Doug McHenry.

Tape 11: Interview with Quincy Jones.

Tape 12: Interview with Spike Lee.

Tape 13: Interview with Micheaux, Pearl Bowser, Wendall Franklin.

Tape 14: Interview with Gordon Parks.

Tape 15: Interview with Matty Rich.

Tape 16: Interview with Michael Shultz.

Tape 17: Interview with John Singleton.

Tape 18: Interview with Robert Townsend.

Box 71: Roots Cassette Tapes.

Set 1: Roots dictations on Gold Crest tapes numbered 1-32 (32     


Set 2: "Book Narrative" numbered 1-51 (45 tapes) Missing:         

       #17,21,27,35,40,43. Most likely are in the broken tapes.

Set 3: WPI tapes numbered 1-17 (16 tapes) Missing: #10.

Box 72: Roots, Roots II and "Search for Roots" cassette tapes.

Set 4: Chapter Rewrites for Roots (19 tapes).

Set 5: Cassette copies of reel-to-reel tapes numbered 200-216 (17


Set 6: Roots II (22 tapes).

Set 7: "Search" tapes numbered A-L (10 tapes) Missing: E,F,J.

Set 8: Lectures and other notes (9 tapes). These are individual   

       tapes not grouped together by Haley.

Set 9: Interview with German photographer that accompanied Haley

       in Gambia.

Set 10: Interviews with Bill Graham, music promoter (4 tapes).

Set 11: Story discussions on Palmerstown series. Includes Haley,

        George Sims, Norman Lear and others (6 tapes).

Set 12: Interview with Karl Russell, pimp. Interviewer is a woman

        (2 tapes).

Set 13: Interview with Julie Nelson, neurosurgical nurse.

Set 14: Interview with Dr. Arnold Klein, dermatologist.

Set 15: Interview with Dr. Hunt.

Set 16: Interview with nurse concerning her job (2 tapes).

Set 17: "Beautiful Skin" presentation by Peter Gildman,           


Set 18: Female fitness conference.

Set 19: Church music, Chicago.

Set 20: Recording of Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Set 21: Recording of unidentified movie.

Set 22: Snooks the dog story, narrated by a woman.

Set 23: Broken, unidentified tapes (7 tapes). Many of these       

        probably belong in Set 2, above.

Set 24: Blank tapes (14 tapes).

Box 73: Other medias.

1) 2" videotape "Roots" Uggams/Duncan. 2 min.

2) 2" videotape "Roots" Ed Asner/Ralph Waite. 2:08.

3) Small Reel-to-Reel tapes numbered 1-10 (8 tapes). Missing 2-3.

   These are duplicated in Set 5 of the cassette tapes.

4) Small Reel-to-Reel tapes numbered I-VI (6 tapes). These are    

   duplicated in Set 5 of the cassette tapes.

5) Reel-to-Reel tapes made in Africa numbered 99, 102-106 (6      

   tapes). These are duplicated in Set 5 of the cassette tapes.

6) Reel-to-Reel tapes with notes (4 tapes).

7) Reel-to-Reel speech made before College of Education           

   Convocation, July 18, 1968 (1 tape).

8) Reel-to-Reel with recorded information on sharks; Indians and  


9) Reel-to-Reel with speech, November 4, 1971.

10) Reel-to-Reel: "Gambia: Africa's Window on the World".         

    Probably a BBC special.

                Newsclippings and Articles Series

     This series contains newspaper and magazine articles

concerning Haley, Roots and african-americans. 

     The first three boxes contain articles clipped by or sent to

Haley about many issues, especially the impact of Roots on

America. These have been organized into various subjects.

     The next two boxes contain magazines kept intact by Haley

that contain specific articles by or about him and his research.

These are listed in alphabetical order by the magazine name and

include the specific article reference where appropriate.

     The last two boxes contain clippings clipped by a clipping

service for Haley. They are in no particular order and come from

newspapers across the United States.

Box 74: Newspaper and Magazine Stories.

Folder 1: Courlander, Harold.

Folder 2: Doubleday.

Folder 3: Haley: Personal Response to Roots and its Success.

Folder 4: Haley: Newspaper and Magazine Interviews.

Folder 5: Haley: Newspaper Articles.

Folder 6: Haley: College Newspaper Articles.

Folder 7: Haley: Magazine Articles.

Folder 8: Haley: Financial Impact of Roots Success.

Folder 9: Haley: Other Projects.

Folder 10: Haley: Honorary Degrees.

Folder 11: Haley: Literary Honors.

Folder 12: Haley: Political Tributes and Recognition.

Folder 13: Haley: Tributes and Recognitions.

Folder 14: Haley: TV Appearances.

Folder 15: Haley: Book Signings.

Folder 16: Haley: Speaking Engagements-Itineraries.

Folder 17: Haley: Speaking Engagements-U.S. Colleges.

Folder 18: Haley: Speaking Engagements-International.

Folder 19: Haley: Speaking Engagements-Other.

Folder 20: Kinte Corporation/Roots Foundation.

Folder 21: Miscellaneous.

Folder 22: A New Spirit: Book published for Inauguration of

           President Carter.

Folder 23: Ottaway, Mark.

Folder 24: Palmerstown, USA.

Folder 25: Palmerstown, USA.

Folder 26: Roots: Articles on Haley and Research Process.

Folder 27: Roots: Articles on Lisa Drew, Haley's editor.

Folder 28: Roots: Background Data.

Folder 29: Roots: Best Seller and Recommended Book Lists.

Box 75: Newspaper and Magazine Stories.

Folder 1: Roots: Book Excerpts in Magazines.

Folder 2: Roots: Book Excerpts in Newspapers.

Folder 3: Roots: Genealogical Response-General.

Folder 4: Roots: Genealogical Response-Blacks.

Folder 5: Roots: Genealogical Response-Family Interviews,        

          Searches, Reunions.

Folder 6: Roots: Genealogical Response-Genealogical Research


Folder 7: Roots: Genealogical Response-Increase in Interest for

          Finding African Roots.

Folder 8: Roots: Genealogical Response-Personal Accounts.

Folder 9: Roots: Impact on Black Life.

Folder 10: Roots: Impact on Bookstore Sales.

Folder 11: Roots: Impact on Education-General

Folder 12: Roots: Impact on Education-Roots TV Series Viewing for

           College Credit.

Folder 13: Roots: Impact on Education-Teaching Black Culture.

Folder 14: Roots: Impact on Education-Using Roots TV Series in

           the Classroom; Teacher's Responses. 

Folder 15: Roots: Impact on Family Studies; Race Relations.

Folder 16: Roots: Impact on The Gambia and West Africa.

Folder 17: Roots: Impact on Haley family.

Folder 18: Roots: Impact on William Haley.

Folder 19: Roots: Impact on Henning, TN.

Folder 20: Roots: Impact on Juffure, the Gambia.

Folder 21: Roots: Impact on Libraries.

Folder 22: Roots: Impact on Oral History.

Folder 23: Roots: Impact on Politics.

Folder 24: Roots: Impact on Publishing.

Folder 25: Roots: Impact on Race Relations.

Folder 26: Roots: Impact on George Sims.

Folder 27: Roots: Impact on Spotsylvania County, Va.

Folder 28: Roots: Part of National Culture-Cartoons and Humor.

Folder 29: Roots: Part of National Culture-Commercialization and


Folder 30: Roots: Display Ads.

Folder 31: Roots: Promotion.

Folder 32: Roots: Promotion and displays.

Folder 33: Roots: Promotion and displays.

Folder 34: Roots: Publicity and Related Stories (photocopies).

Folder 35: Roots: Publicity and Related Stories (photocopies).

Folder 36: Roots: Publicity and Related Stories (photocopies).

Box 76: Newspaper and Magazine Stories.

Folder 1: Roots: Publicity Miscellaneous (photocopies).

Folder 2: Roots: Interviews with Haley.

Folder 3: Roots: Letters to Editor/Publicity.

Folder 4: Roots: Editorials.

Folder 5: Roots: Reader's Response-Letters to the Editor.

Folder 6: Roots: Criticisms, U.S.

Folder 7: Roots: Rebuttal to Criticism, U.S.

Folder 8: Roots: Criticisms, International.

Folder 9: Roots: Rebuttal to Criticism, International.

Folder 10: Roots: "What's in a Name?"-Babies Named after Roots


Folder 11: Roots: Reviews-Library and Book Clubs.

Folder 12: Roots: Reviews-Magazines.

Folder 13: Roots: Reviews-Newspapers.

Folder 14: Roots: Reviews-Radio.

Folder 15: Roots: Reviews-Other.

Folder 16: Roots (TV): Awards.

Folder 17: Roots (TV): Impact-Employment of Black Actors.

Folder 18: Roots (TV): Impact-Ratings and Why.

Folder 19: Roots (TV): Impact-TV.

Folder 20: Roots (TV): Impact-Using Novels for TV.

Folder 21: Roots (TV): Making the Film.

Folder 22: Roots (TV): Music.

Folder 23: Roots (TV): Personalities and Actors.

Folder 24: Roots (TV): Display Ads.

Folder 25: Roots (TV): Promotion and TV Releases.

Folder 26: Roots (TV): Cast Responses.

Folder 27: Roots (TV): Editorial Responses.

Folder 28: Roots (TV): Letters to Editors.

Folder 29: Roots (TV): Viewer Responses.

Folder 30: Roots (TV): Criticism, U.S.

Folder 31: Roots (TV): Rebuttals to Criticism, U.S.

Folder 32: Roots (TV): Critics' Opinions.

Folder 33: Roots (TV): Magazine Reviews.

Folder 34: Roots (TV): Newspaper Reviews.

Folder 35: Roots II: General.

Folder 36: Roots II: Impact.

Folder 37: Roots II: Personalities and Actors.

Folder 38: Roots II: Publicity (photocopies).

Folder 39: Roots II: Responses, Criticisms, Rebuttals.

Folder 40: Roots: One Year Later.

Folder 41: Search for Roots and follow-up writings.

Folder 42: Sides: History of Black Publishing.

Folder 43: Toys.

Folder 44: Robert Weaver.

Box 77: Articles and Magazines.

Folder 1: United States Information Agency. The 28th Report of

          the United States Advisory Commission on Information,

          May, 1977.

Folder 2: Margaret Walker.

Folder 3: Congratulation Letter to David Wolper (photocopies).

Folder 4: American Film, October 1976, v.2, no.1. "Out of Africa:

          Alex Haley's Roots" by Stephen Lito, p.8-17.

Folder 5: Book Digest Magazine, January 1977, v.4, no.1. "Roots:

          The Saga of an American Family" by Alex Haley, p.35-66.

          (2 copies)

Folder 6: Book Digest Magazine, February 1977, v.4, no.2. "Roots:

          Part II" by Alex Haley, p.82-111; "Roots: Special Color

          Portfolio", p.112-128.

Folder 7: Cashbox Magazine, April 9,1977, v.38, no.47.

Folder 8: The Charlotte Observer, November 20, 1976, no. 211.

          "Audience Rooted as Haley Spins Story" by Milton

          Jordan, section B, p.1-2.

Folder 9: The Christian Index, February 24, 1977, v.110, no.4.

          Issue entitled "Roots and its Author". "Roots-Praise

          God and Amen" by Ethal H. Lakey, p.3; "The Saga of an

          American Family- A Commentary on Roots" p.4-5,15; "Alex

          Haley" p.5; "Some Interesting Excerpts from the Book

          Roots" p.5.

Folder 10: The Christian Index, June 9, 1977, v.110, no.11. Issue

           entitled "A Day with Alex Haley". "It was a Good Day"

           by Ethal H. Lakey, p.3,5; "Comments and Commendations"

           p.4; "Area Monument Maker Erects Granite Tribute to

           Alex Haley" by Janice Dobbins, p.6-10.

Folder 11: The Christian Science Monitor, May 4, 1977, v.69,


Folder 12: The Comet, v.5, no.10. "Roots Author Alex Haley Talks

           of his Past and Writing Career" by Alan Naipo, p.1.

           California High School paper.

Folder 13: The Commonwealth, June 26, 1978, v.72, no.26. "Haley

           Shares Personal Story and Its Message", p.212-215.

Folder 14: The Community Challenger, March 10-16, 1977, v.12,

           no.38. "Roots Displayed in Artist's Work" by Gladys

           Adams, p.4. Black newspaper from Kansas City,         


Folder 15: Daily Variety, June 27, 1977, v.176, no.16.

Folder 16: Dayton/Black Press, February 2-8, 1977, v.4, no.12.

           "Haley to Discuss Roots at UD", p.1.

Folder 17: Direction Magazine, May 1973. "DM Interview: Alex

           Haley" by JO3 Martin A. Szostek, USN, p.18-23. (2


Folder 18: Ebony Magazine, August 1976, v.31, no.10. "Roots" by

           Alex Haley, p.100-107.

Folder 19: Ebony Magazine, April 1977, v.32, no.6. "Alex Haley:

           The Man Behind Roots" by Hans J. Massaqusi, p.33-41.

Folder 20: Ebony Magazine, May 1977, v.32, no.7. "100 Most       

           Influential Black Americans" p.76-84 (Haley, p.78).

Folder 21: Ebony Magazine, July 1977, v.32, no.9. "Alex Haley in

           Juffare" by Hans J. Massaqusi.

Folder 22: Farmand, February 5, 1977, no.5. "Medrotter in Afrika"

           by Alf R. Bjercke, p.71-71. Norwegian Book review of


Folder 23: Flightime: Ozark Air Line Magazine, October 1976,

           v.11, no.10. "Interview with Alex Haley" by Didi

           Moore, p.24-26.

Folder 24: The Gambian Outlook, April 15, 1977, v.49, no.48. "The

           Saga of a Gambian American: Alex Haley" by Jay Saidy,

           p.1,5. Gambian newspaper.

Folder 25: Harvard University Gazette, November 12, 1976, v.72,

           no.8. "Roots Author to be Honored", p.1,3. (2 copies)

Folder 26: The Hollywood Reporter, August 16, 1976, v.262, no.39.

           "Haley to Uplift Black Image with Own Production Firm"

           by Sue Reilly, p.1,7. (5 copies)

Folder 27: The Hollywood Reporter, February 10, 1977, v. 265,

           no.13. "Bill Bush's Boulevard Beat" by Bettina, p. 14.

Folder 28: Interracial Books for Children Bulletin, 1976, v.7,

           no.8. "Roots comes to TV-But where's it coming from?",


Folder 29: Junior Scholastic, January 16, 1975, v.75, no.12. "My

           Search for Roots" by Alex Haley, p.3-6.

Folder 30: The Justice, February 1, 1977, v.29, no.14. "Roots:

           The Triumph of American Television?" by Keith Jenkins,

           p.6. Brandeis University Student Newspaper.

Folder 31: Ladycom, October 1976, v.8, no.6. "Writing Roots" by

           Francine J. Sanders, p.28,39. (2 copies)

Folder 32: The Legend, February 24, 1977. "Arnette Ward on       

           national T.V.: According to Haley" by J.L.B.Waite,

           p.1. Mesa, Arizona Community College student          


Folder 33: Mainliner, December 1976, v.20, no.12. "Roots excerpt:

           Jumping the Broom", by Alex Haley, p.12-27.

Folder 34: The Miami News: TV Week, January 29, 1977. "Roots: It

           can make your blood boil", by Marvin Kitman, p.2.

Folder 35: Le Monde, June 22, 1977, no.10075. "Le noirs et leurs

           cacine (Blacks and their Roots)" by Pierre Dommergues,

           p.1,7. French newspaper article about Roots           


Folder 36: The National Observer, May 9, 1977.

Folder 37: Negro History Bulletin, January/February, v.41, no.1.

           "Alex Haley Interview" with Jeffrey Dellest, p.782-


Folder 38: New York, February, 28, 1977, v.10, no.9. "Alex Haley:

           Tale of a Talker" by Marty Bell, p.50-51.

Folder 39: The New York Times Magazine, July 16, 1972. "My       

           Furthest Back Person-The African" by Alex Haley, p.12-


Folder 40: The New York Times Book Review, November 21, 1976.

           "Roots #1 on Bestseller list"; Roots ad.

Folder 41: The Newsworld, March 2, 1977, v.2, no.61. "After

           Roots: What is next?", by Isaiah Poole and Kathryn

           Davis, p.1A,3A. (2 copies)

Folder 42: Newsweek, July 4, 1977. "Everybody's Search for Roots"

           by David Gelman, p.26-41. (2 copies)

Folder 43: The Northeastern Onyx, April 21, 1977. "British       

           Reporter Questions Roots Factual Basis" by J. Monroe

           Harris, p. 1,4; "Haley's Lecture" by Connie Haith, p.

           1,3.; "The News Conference" by Cathy Davenport,       

           p.1,3.; "Haley: Calm, at Ease and Father-like" by

           Michael K. Frisby, p.3. Student newspaper at          

           Northwestern University.

Folder 44: The Observer, August 10, 1976. "What it Meant to be a

           Slave" by Alex Haley, p.13-14.

Folder 45: Penthouse, December 1976, v.8, no.4. "Penthouse       

           Interview: Alex Haley" by Richard Ballard, p.144-


Folder 46: People, October 18, 1976, v.6, no.16. "Alex Haley's

           Search for Roots" by Joy Wansley and Lois Armstrong,

           p.84-91. (3 copies)

Box 78: Magazines.

Folder 1: Playboy, 1976. "Roots Excerpt: 'The Mixing of the

          Blood'" by Alex Haley; "Interview with Alex Haley" by

          Murray Fisher (reprints). (2 copies)

Folder 2: Playboy (Japanese), September, 1977. "Roots" by Alex


Folder 3: Playboy (Japanese), November, 1977.

Folder 4: Players, August 1975, v.2, no.3.

Folder 5: Publisher's Weekly, May 31, 1976, v.209, no.22. "Alex

          Haley: Searching for his Roots...". (4 copies)

Folder 6: Radio Times, April 2-8, 1977, no.215, no.2786. "Roots

          of Success" by Gilliam Strickland, p.15-16.

Folder 7: Reader's Digest, June 1974. "Roots: Part II" by Alex

          Haley, p.233-261.

Folder 8: Reader's Digest, June 1974. Reprint of "Roots: Part II"

          by Alex Haley. (2 copies)

Folder 9: Record, June 1978, no.1. "Negras Raizes". Brazilian

          booksellers paper.

Folder 10: Record World, April 9, 1977. Roots Album by Quincy

           Jones is #26 on the Album Chart, "Roots Medley" is #35

           on R&B Singles chart and "Roots" is #7 on R&B LP


Folder 11: Right On!, Summer 1978, v.3, no.1. "Roots, Roots and

           More Roots" by Cynthia Horner, p.32-33; "The Alex

           Haley Happening" by Shell Seaton, p.34-35.

Folder 12: Roots: Reactions and Reviews. A magazine containing a

           series of articles reprinted from major newspapers

           across the country. (2 copies)

Folder 13: San Jose Mercury News: "Books" Special Section,       

           November 7, 1976. "Haley Writes an Epic of Black

           History" by Marsha Kay Seff, p.2B,10B. (3 copies)

Folder 14: Scanorama, October-November 1977, v.6, no.5. "Digging

           for your Roots" by John S. Herbert, p.75-77. (2       


Folder 15: "So Jump Little Children, Jump High" by Discovery

           Students of DeKalb County Schools, Decatur, Georgia.

           Reactions by elementary students on meeting and       

           hearing Alex Haley speak.

Folder 16: Sorrisi e Canzoni TV, March 11-17, 1979. "Il Nuovo

           Radici e Costato Pui Di 20 Miliardi", p.10-13. Italian

           version of TV Guide advertising Roots II.

Folder 17: Suur Seura, September 30, 1977. "Juuret on mustan

           Amerikan Kumea aani", p.22-25.

Folder 18: Teachers Guide to Television, Fall 1976, v.9, no.1.

           "What Do You Do When Out on a Limb?" by Fred Wilhelms,

           p.14-16. Dealing with sensitive topics in the         

           classroom, Roots cited as example.

Folder 19: TV Favorites: All About Roots, 1977. Entire magazine

           dedicated to Roots TV program and its actors.

Folder 20: TV Hebdo, May 13-19, 1978, v.18, no.42. "Roots en

           francais" by Guy David, p.18.

Folder 21: TWA Ambassador, January 1977, v.10, no.1. "Roots: The

           Story of Us All" by Alex Haley, p.14-17,34. (2 copies)

Folder 22: The Wall Street Journal, March 9, 1972, v.36, no.48.

           "Black Genealogy: Despite Many Problems More Negroes

           Search for their Family Pasts" by Peggy J. Murrell,


Folder 23: The Washington Post, January 28, 1977, no.54. "Roots

           Program Catches Hold in Virginia Home" by Ken Rengle,

           p.A1,A14.; "African Policy Roots" by Stephen U.       

           Rosenfeld, p.A25; "Alex Haley: The Author Astride

           Fame's Moment" by Jacqueline Trescott, p.B1,B11;

           "Roots The Series: History of Balance" by Dorothy

           Gilliam, p.B1,B11.

Box 79: Newsclippings.

Box 80: Newsclippings.

                         Oversize Series

     These materials are stored separate from the collection in

the Oversize Manuscripts storage area. 


Item 1: Photo of cast of Roots (4 copies).

Item 2: Framed drawing of Alex Haley farm, Norris, TN, by         

        Michelle Thompson Rideout.

Item 3: Beck Cultural Center Founder's Award.

Item 4: Framed map of The Gambia.

Item 5: Mandinka Base drum.

Item 6: Stained glass image from Roots by W. Zager, 1984.

Item 7: Cover of Ebony magazine, July, 1977.

Item 8: Photo of Roots with 9 Emmys.

Item 9: Framed drawing of Palmerstown, U.S.A.

Item 10: Salute to Alex Haley by State of Tennessee, May 20,      


Item 11: Blueprints for Alex Haley farm in Norris, TN.

Item 12: Color poster announcing Roots II.