AFRAM Associates Inc.

AFRAM is a public service communication agency founded by community leader, historian, and educator Preston Wilcox in 1968. Its primary work is in the compilation, preservation and authentication of the history of Black peoples. Mr. Wilcox maintains one of the world's preminent collections on Malcolm X. The collection includes the complete New York City Police Department files on Malcolm X. AFRAMaterials can be found in at least 24 states and in Africa, Canada, the Caribbean and Great Britain. AFRAM is the publisher of the Directory: National Black Organizations & its supplements. See below some of the collections that AFRAM has available for purchase.

This list begins to hightlight the vastness of the AFRAM archives. There are many more profiles available. For pricing and additional information, please contact AFRAM at the address listed below:

Mr. Preston Wilcox
271 West 125th Street
Suite 310
Harlem, NY 10027
212.280.0996 fax

"You can't be free if someone else lets you be free"