Library Journal's Academic Newswire
September 14, 1999


Patrons of the Emory University library will have the rare privilege of viewing a collection of letters, notebooks, and other materials written between 1938 and 1955 by slain Nation of Islam leader Malcolm X. The collection, is one of the only available archives of X's writings outside of his FBI files, is on loan to the University from Atlanta residents Jimmie Allen and his friend John Littlefield. According to Randall Burkett, African American Bibliographer for Emory U. Library, the documents form a fascinating portrait of one of America's most influential figures as a young man. The materials include letters, scribblings, and "opinion books" according to Burkett. "and in these documents you see a literate, and articulate young man." Burkett says that the reaction to the collection thus far has been overwhelming. "People are very, very excited. Scholars, students, the press have all been calling. People inside and outside of Emory have been buzzing."